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A listák a Netflix tartalom automatikus monitorozásával készülnek - a Magyarországon elérhető és magyar felirattal vagy szinkronnal társított tartalmakat listázza.

Sorozat figyelő cím Netflix link Magyar felirat Magyar szinkron Elérhető
Nightflyers Netflix 2019.02.01
Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj IMDb Netflix 2018.10.28
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix 2018.10.26
Bodyguard Netflix 2018.10.24
The Haunting of Hill House Netflix 2018.10.12
Elite Netflix 2018.10.05
Maniac Netflix 2018.09.21
Paradise PD Netflix 2018.08.31
Great News Netflix 2018.08.23
Insatiable Netflix 2018.08.10
Good Girls Netflix 2018.07.03
Secret City Netflix 2018.06.26
Unsolved Netflix 2018.06.18
Marlon Netflix 2018.06.14
Champions Netflix 2018.06.12
The Rain Netflix 2018.05.04
Happy! Netflix 2018.04.26
The Letdown IMDb Netflix 2018.04.21
Lost in Space Netflix 2018.04.13
The Defiant Ones Netflix 2018.03.23
Queer Eye IMDb Netflix 2018.02.07
Altered Carbon Netflix 2018.02.02
Damnation Netflix 2018.02.01
The End of the F***ing World Netflix 2018.01.05
The Sinner Netflix 2017.11.07
Salvation Netflix 2017.11.02
Wanted IMDb Netflix 2017.10.24
Dynasty Netflix 2017.10.12
PJ Masks IMDb Netflix 2017.10.01
Big Mouth Netflix 2017.09.29
The Good Place Netflix 2017.08.21
Norsemen Netflix 2017.08.18
Atypical Netflix 2017.08.11
Ozark Netflix 2017.07.21
Castlevania Netflix 2017.07.07
Chesapeake Shores Netflix 2017.03.31
The Real Ghostbusters IMDb Netflix 2017.03.31
Saints and Strangers IMDb Netflix 2017.03.31
Timeless Netflix 2017.03.31
13 Reasons Why Netflix 2017.03.31
Nexo Knights IMDb Netflix 2017.03.25
Marvel's Luke Cage Netflix 2016.09.30
Designated Survivor Netflix 2016.09.22
Stranger Things Netflix 2016.07.15
Limitless Netflix 2016.07.03
The Ranch Netflix 2016.04.01
Fuller House IMDb Netflix 2016.02.26
Love Netflix 2016.02.19
The Divide Netflix 2016.02.04
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Netflix 2016.02.02
Shadowhunters Netflix 2016.01.13
The Last Kingdom Netflix 2015.12.28
Making a Murderer Netflix 2015.12.18
Marvel's Jessica Jones Netflix 2015.11.20
Master of None Netflix 2015.11.06
Narcos Netflix 2015.08.28
Gotham Netflix 2015.08.02
Orange Is the New Black Netflix 2015.04.14
The Returned Netflix 2015.04.14
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Netflix 2015.04.14
Death Note Netflix 2015.04.14
Marco Polo Netflix 2015.04.14
The Blacklist Netflix 2015.04.14
Total Drama IMDb Netflix 2015.04.14
The Client List Netflix 2015.04.14
Marvel's Daredevil Netflix 2015.04.14
Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure IMDb Netflix 2015.04.14
Grace and Frankie Netflix 2015.04.14
Bloodline Netflix 2015.04.14
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu IMDb Netflix 2015.04.14
Better Call Saul Netflix 2015.04.14
Helix Netflix 2015.04.14
Sherlock Netflix 2015.04.14
Party of Five Netflix 2015.04.14

Filmek // az elmúlt 60 nap lokalizált újdonságai

Weapon of Choice
Weapon of Choice a poszter Sorozat figyelőn

Megnyitás a Netflixen | 7.2 IMDb | magyar felirat/szinkron

Speaking to retailers and owners of the Glock pistol, two filmmakers shed light on the politics of violence and its implications from Chicago to Kirkuk.

Your Son
Your Son a poszter Sorozat figyelőn

Megnyitás a Netflixen | 6.1 IMDb | magyar felirat/szinkron

After his son is brutally beaten outside a nightclub, a surgeon takes the law into his own hands and seeks vengeance against the perpetrators.

The Last Runway
The Last Runway a poszter Sorozat figyelőn

Megnyitás a Netflixen | 6.4 IMDb | magyar felirat/szinkron

An ex-colonel forms a special paramilitary group focused on combatting drug trafficking on the Paraguayan border.

The Photographer Of Mauthausen
The Photographer Of Mauthausen a poszter Sorozat figyelőn

Megnyitás a Netflixen | 6.7 IMDb | magyar felirat/szinkron

A Catalán prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp uses his office job to steal photo negatives of the atrocities committed there. Based on true events.

The Drug King
The Drug King a poszter Sorozat figyelőn

Megnyitás a Netflixen | 5.7 IMDb | magyar felirat/szinkron

A petty smuggler from Busan dives headfirst into illicit drug trafficking in the 1970s and rises to become king of narcotics exports to Japan.

Period. End of Sentence.
Period. End of Sentence. a poszter Sorozat figyelőn

Megnyitás a Netflixen | 7.4 IMDb | magyar felirat/szinkron

In rural India, where the stigma of menstruation persists, women make low-cost sanitary pads on a new machine and stride toward financial independence.

The Tree of Blood
The Tree of Blood a poszter Sorozat figyelőn

Megnyitás a Netflixen | 6.3 IMDb | magyar felirat/szinkron

As a young couple write the story of their families' shared history, both reveal their relatives' dark secrets and one must make a painful confession.

I Dream Of Dance
I Dream Of Dance a poszter Sorozat figyelőn

Megnyitás a Netflixen | 9.3 IMDb | magyar felirat/szinkron

Experience the joy and sacrifice of one of the nation's premier dance companies as its members and instructors prepare for a prestigious competition.

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