The Bureau of Magical Things is a children's fantasy drama told through the eyes of a teenage girl called Kyra who uncovers a magical world.

Once upon a time the human world and the world of magic - called the fae world - existed in harmony. But as technology advanced, the fae world was pushed back. Faeries and other magical creatures became endangered species. Now someone wants to change that and restore magic to its rightful place - no matter the cost. Kyra and Peter must solve the mystery of who that enigmatic figure is and how they will achieve their goal. The investigation leads them to uncover secrets in both the human and fae worlds that no one could have imagined.

Futó sorozat 2018.07 - ? | 30 perc @Network Ten, AU

Melanie Zanetti (Orla), Kimie Tsukakoshi (Kyra), Jamie Carter (Peter), Elizabeth Cullen (Imogen), Julian Cullen (Darra), És a többiek Mia Milnes (Lily), Rainbow Wedell (Ruksy),

Dráma Gyerek Fantasy

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07. 08.
Magical Mishap
The Bureau of Magical Things

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When ordinary teenage girl Kyra is caught in a magical tug of war between Imogen, a mischievous elf, and Lily, a conscientious fairy, she discovers an extraordinary world of magic that exists in secret all around and her life changes forever.

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