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Saturday Night Live is an Emmy Award-winning late-night comedy showcase.

Since its inception in 1975, "SNL" has launched the careers of many of the brightest comedy performers of their generation. As The New York Times noted on the occasion of the show's Emmy-winning 25th Anniversary special in 1999, "in defiance of both time and show business convention, 'SNL' is still the most pervasive influence on the art of comedy in contemporary culture." At the close of the century, "Saturday Night Live" placed seventh on Entertainment Weekly's list of the Top 100 Entertainers of the past fifty years.

Futó sorozat 1975.10 - 2018.05 | 90 perc @NBC, US

Tina Fey (Tina Fey), Dana Carvey (Dana Carvey), Chris Rock (Chris Rock), Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon), Will Ferrell (Will Ferrell), És a többiek Chevy Chase (Chevy Chase), Andy Samberg (Andy Samberg), Fred Armisen (Fred Armisen), Tracy Morgan (Tracy Morgan), Bill Murray (Bill Murray), Amy Poehler (Amy Poehler), Maya Rudolph (Maya Rudolph), Leslie Jones (Leslie Jones), Cecily Strong (Cecily Strong), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Colin Jost (Colin Jost), Kenan Thompson (Kenan Thompson), Kate McKinnon (Kate McKinnon), Michael Che (Michael Che), Kristen Wiig (Kristen Wiig), Kyle Mooney (Kyle Mooney), David Spade (David Spade), Mike Myers (Mike Myers), Beck Bennett (Beck Bennett), Martin Short (Martin Short), Jason Sudeikis (Jason Sudeikis), Aidy Bryant (Aidy Bryant), Norm Macdonald (Norm Macdonald), Mike O'Brien (Mike O'Brien), Molly Shannon (Molly Shannon), Pete Davidson (Pete Davidson), Melissa Villaseñor (Melissa Villaseñor), Rachel Dratch (Rachel Dratch), Mikey Day (Mikey Day), Alex Moffat (Alex Moffat), Al Franken (Al Franken), Phil Hartman (Phil Hartman), Sarah Silverman (Sarah Silverman), Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller), Jon Lovitz (Jon Lovitz), Dan Aykroyd (Dan Aykroyd), Billy Crystal (Billy Crystal), Bill Hader (Bill Hader), Will Forte (Will Forte), Colin Quinn (Colin Quinn), Chris Parnell (Chris Parnell), Gilbert Gottfried (Gilbert Gottfried), Julia Sweeney (Julia Sweeney), Ellen Cleghorne (Ellen Cleghorne), Darrell Hammond (Darrell Hammond), Heidi Gardner (Heidi Gardner), Chris Redd (Chris Redd), Kevin Nealon (Kevin Nealon), Robert Downey, Jr. (Robert Downey, Jr.), Darrell Hammond (Announcer), Denny Dillon (Denny Dillon), Adam Sandler (Adam Sandler), Sasheer Zamata (Sasheer Zamata), Garrett Morris (Garrett Morris), Victoria Jackson (Victoria Jackson), Tim Meadows (Tim Meadows), Taran Killam (Taran Killam), Luke Null (Luke Null), Laraine Newman (Laraine Newman), Damon Wayans (Damon Wayans), Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy), Chris Farley (Chris Farley), Joe Piscopo (Joe Piscopo), Rob Schneider (Rob Schneider), Vanessa Bayer (Vanessa Bayer), Horatio Sanz (Horatio Sanz), Seth Meyers (Seth Meyers), Jane Curtin (Jane Curtin), Cheri Oteri (Cheri Oteri), Chris Kattan (Chris Kattan), Bobby Moynihan (Bobby Moynihan), Jan Hooks (Jan Hooks), Dennis Miller (Dennis Miller), Nasim Pedrad (Nasim Pedrad), Terry Sweeney (Terry Sweeney), Robin Duke (Robin Duke), Matthew Laurance (Matthew Laurance), Patrick Weathers (Patrick Weathers), Tom Davis (Tom Davis), Brooks Wheelan (Brooks Wheelan), Jeff Richards (Jeff Richards), Finesse Mitchell (Finesse Mitchell), Alan Zweibel (Alan Zweibel), Gilda Radner (Gilda Radner), Siobhan Fallon (Siobhan Fallon), Anthony Michael Hall (Anthony Michael Hall), Jim Breuer (Jim Breuer), Chris Elliott (Chris Elliott), Morwenna Banks (Morwenna Banks), Tony Rosato (Tony Rosato), Fred Wolf (Fred Wolf), David Koechner (David Koechner), Janeane Garofalo (Janeane Garofalo), Jay Mohr (Jay Mohr), Peter Aykroyd (Peter Aykroyd), Joan Cusack (Joan Cusack), Paul Shaffer (Paul Shaffer), Beth Cahill (Beth Cahill), Jim Downey (Jim Downey), Mary Gross (Mary Gross), Noël Wells (Noel Wells), Michaela Watkins (Michaela Watkins), Don Pardo (Announcer), A. Whitney Brown (A. Whitney Brown), Casey Wilson (Casey Wilson), Tom Schiller (Tom Schiller), Ana Gasteyer (Ana Gasteyer), Dean Edwards (Dean Edwards), Danitra Vance (Danitra Vance), Rob Riggle (Rob Riggle), Don Novello (Don Novello), John Belushi (John Belushi), Michael McKean (Michael McKean), Gary Kroeger (Gary Kroeger), Pamela Stephenson (Pamela Stephenson), Laura Kightlinger (Laura Kightlinger), Charles Rocket (Charles Rocket), Dan Vitale (Dan Vitale), Nora Dunn (Nora Dunn), Jim Belushi (Jim Belushi), Michael O'Donoghue (Michael O'Donoghue), George Coe (George Coe), Robert Smigel (Robert Smigel), John Milhiser (John Milhiser), Christine Ebersole (Christine Ebersole), Abby Elliott (Abby Elliott), Tim Kazurinsky (Tim Kazurinsky), Jon Rudnitsky (Jon Rudnitsky), Rich Hall (Rich Hall), Brian Doyle-Murray (Brian Doyle-Murray), Jenny Slate (Jenny Slate), Laurie Metcalf (Laurie Metcalf), Gail Matthius (Gail Matthius), Harry Shearer (Harry Shearer), Brad Hall (Brad Hall), Christopher Guest (Christopher Guest), Tim Robinson (Tim Robinson), Jerry Minor (Jerry Minor), Melanie Hutsell (Melanie Hutsell), Bill Hanrahan (Announcer), Ann Risley (Ann Risley), Mark McKinney (Mark McKinney), Paul Brittain (Paul Brittain), Randy Quaid (Randy Quaid), Mel Brandt (Announcer), Yvonne Hudson (Yvonne Hudson),

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09. 30.
Adam Driver/Kanye West
Saturday Night Live

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