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Horario Estelar (Főműsoridő) 1x1


Vetítés: 2023.02.15 13:00, szerda

On his show "Toda la verdad", Ramiro del Solar grills the public works minister over the corruption behind the Yahuaca bridge collapse; Ramiro's daughter, Jimena, is perturbed by the gestures of channel owner Lima. The following day, the del Solar family is sharing a meal with their "other daughter" Alexia Valle, an Olympic diver and Jimena's best friend. That very night, however, a secret is revealed: Ramiro is having an affair with Alexia. After a romantic evening, a harmless joke goes fatally awry when Alexia falls and breaks her neck. A panicked Ramiro can only clean up the evidence of his presence; but Alexia has a picture on her phone of them together, and it ends up in the hands of a young girl. Days later, Alexia's body is found by Jimena and a "surprised" Ramiro. On "Toda la verdad", Ramiro characterizes it as a tragic accident, but he is blindsided by news that the police are investigating it as a possible homicide.

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