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Downton Abbey 6x4


Vetítés: 2015.10.11 22:00, vasárnap

1925. Lady Shackleton visits with her nephew Henry Talbot, a racing car driver and another old friend of Mary's. Violet wants her support in the dispute over the hospital, and explains that her reason for opposing the merger is her resentment at the government taking over more and more things instead of leaving it to the locals, which rather mollifies Isobel. Lady Rosamund also visits, and is visited by Mr and Mrs Harding in connection with a women's college of which she is a trustee. Mrs Harding turns out to be Gwen, the former housemaid who left to better herself; the family are pleased for her. Sergeant Willis asks Miss Baxter to testify against the man with whom she was involved when she stole from a previous employer; she is afraid, but Molesley encourages her, and she agrees. Daisy is upset when she learns that Mr Mason is unlikely to get Yew Tree Farm, and prepares to angrily confront Cora, but she has persuaded Robert and Mary to let him have the farm, which fortunately Daisy learns before risking her job by being rude.Anna has pains, and is rushed to London by Mary, where the doctor performs the promised operation and saves the baby. Once home, Bates has guessed the problem, and is delighted Anna is pregnant. Robert keeps getting twinges of pain, but insists it's nothing. Mary meets Henry in London, and tells him that his making a pass won't work. Mr Carson and his wife, still to be known as Mrs Hughes, arrive back from their Scarborough honeymoon and move into a cottage. Edith announces she plans to appoint a woman editor to her magazine.

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