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Downton Abbey 6x3


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May 1925. Cora, told by Mrs Patmore that Mrs Hughes is unhappy with having her wedding breakfast in the hall, forces a meeting with the family so that Mrs Hughes can explain, and supports her, so Carson gives in. Violet tries to get Robert to support her view on the hospital merger; at a meeting of the Board things get nasty, and Isobel is annoyed enough to be rude to Dr Clarkson. Edith has more arguments with the publisher of her magazine, and he walks out. Fortunately, she meets an old acquaintance, who helps her produce the next issue. Anna is pregnant, so Mary plans to take her to the doctor in three months time. Thomas travels to be interviewed by an eccentric widower, Sir Michael Reresby (Ronald Pickup) in decrepit Dryden Park, but declines the position.Violet's butler, Spratt, is behaving strangely, which catches Denker's attention. When Sergeant Willis reveals that Spratt's nephew has escaped from prison, Denker is sure that Spratt has helped him, and can now hold that over him. Daisy hopes that Mr Mason can take over the Drewes' farm, but jumps the gun in believing that Cora has already arranged it. Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes are married in the church. At the wedding breakfast in the village school, Tom Branson and his daughter arrive unexpectedly from Boston; he announces he feels Downton is his home, and wants to stay.

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