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We Are Lady Parts 2x1


Vetítés: 2024.05.30 09:00, csütörtök

Lady Parts return home with a renewed artistic mission following a magical summer of gigs, having finally found their audience, their fanbase. As Saira gathers the band, she announces that its time to level up and lay down their legacy: Lady Parts will record their debut album with the legendary Dirty Mahmood at Molico Studios… that is if they can raise enough money to pay for the studio time. Momtaz has her work cut out for her.

Meanwhile Amina is exploring her "Villain Era," a new attitude of being a bad mother with boundaries and non-negotiables, which plants her right in the centre of a burgeoning love triangle between a firmly friend-zoned Ahsan and dreamy folky troubadour Billy.

However, the band are stunned to find a rival Muslim band, Second Wife, threatens their status quo – led by none other than Saira's super-fan-hyphen-lifestyle-blogger Taifa. As Second Wife go viral with a cover of Lady Parts' most famous song, the band must wrestle with the fear that they are being replaced - to hate or not to hate?

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