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Színész- és szereplőlista: The Imperfects

Dr. Sydney Burke szerepében:
Italia Ricci 1986-10-29 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Ricci was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario and is of Italian descent. She graduated from Queen's University. She has been dating Canadian actor Robbie Amell since July 2008. The couple announced their engagement on August 20, 2014.

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Supergirl poszter
Supergirl sorozat
Designated Survivor poszter
Designated Survivor sorozat
American Pie Presents: Beta House poszter
American Pie Presents: Beta House film
The Remaining poszter
The Remaining film
Don Jon poszter
Don Jon film

Juan Ruiz szerepében:
Iñaki Godoy 2003-08-25 Mexico City, Mexico

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MexZombies poszter
MexZombies film
Go Youth! poszter
Go Youth! film

Tilda Webber szerepében:
Morgan Taylor Campbell 1995-04-09 Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

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Power Rangers poszter
Power Rangers film
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist poszter
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist sorozat
Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas poszter
Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas film
Appetite for Love poszter
Appetite for Love film
Deadly Influencer poszter
Deadly Influencer film

Abbi Singh szerepében:
Rhianna Jagpal Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Rhianna Jagpal was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1995. Post secondary, her passion for acting became even more serious as she then moved to LA where she attended The New York Film Academy and enrolled in their intensive acting programs. Performing has been a huge part of Rhianna's life since she was very little and she looks forward to all the experiences that are ahead of her.

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To All the Boys: Always and Forever poszter
To All the Boys: Always and Forever film
We Are Your Friends poszter
We Are Your Friends film
Woman of the House poszter
Woman of the House film

Dr. Alex Sarkov szerepében:
Rhys Nicholson 1990-04-22 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Rhys Nicholson is an Australian comedian.

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Rhys Nicholson: Live at the Athenaeum poszter
Rhys Nicholson: Live at the Athenaeum film

Isabel Finch szerepében:
Kyra Zagorsky 1976-06-06 New York City, New York, USA

Kyra Zagorsky (born June 6, 1976) is a film and television actress. She has acted in the TV series Helix, the film The Pastor's Wife and season 8 of the TV series Supernatural. She is married to actor Patrick Sabongui, with whom she has two children, a son named Bodhi Gabriel and daughter named Ashe Alexandria.

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Helix poszter
Helix sorozat
S.W.A.T.: Under Siege poszter
S.W.A.T.: Under Siege film
The ABCs of Death poszter
The ABCs of Death film
Home Invasion poszter
Home Invasion film
Vendetta poszter
Vendetta film