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The Canterville Ghost 1x1


Vetítés: 2021.11.01 02:00, hétfő

Sir Simon de Canterville has been playing to an empty house for twenty years when American billionaire inventor Hiram Otis buys Canterville Chase in England, taking contents and ghost at valuation. Relishing the opportunity to be back treading the boards, he painstakingly plans a ‘Spectrecular' performance as Reckless Rupert the headless Earl, aided by his reluctant side-kick, Cesspitt the rat. But his opening night fails miserably and the ghost is forced to retreat from the twins' tripwire stunt. Sir Simon tries a different tack in the form of Jonas the Graveless but the ghost is further humiliated by the Otis family's welcoming reception and his inability to terrorize them. Meanwhile, Frank and Theo go exploring and stumble upon their alter egos, Patience and Charity Lovell. After initial hostilities, two pairs become a gang of four. Double double trouble. Especially for Sir Simon. The Otis's discover Sir Simon killed his wife and as punishment was walled up alive in a priest hole by her vengeful brothers. Sir Simon's bones have never been found but legend says he was interred with a casket of priceless jewels. The twins join forces and embark on a quest to find the lost treasure of the Cantervilles. And if the Otis's aren't fazed by a ghost they aren't going to fazed by the English. It's the annual Point to Point. So when Virginia is informed by Cecil that top race ‘The Canterville Chase' is open only to male riders it can't go unchallenged. After an initial set-back from Lady Deborah's scheming, Virginia uses her legal prowess to find a loophole in the rulebook. Riding her horse bareback, the race ends in a nail biting finale with Virginia and Cecil neck and neck. He may have won the trophy, but Virginia wins the hearts of the crowd. Despite initially regarding him to be a sexist jerk, Virginia is undeniably attracted to Cecil. However, he is engaged to be married to Moppy. And while Hiram mends a historic family feud with Django Lovell, they find a bitter enemy in Lady Deborah.

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