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Sister Boniface Mysteries Színész- és szereplőlista

Sister Boniface szerepében:
Lorna Watson

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The Wrong Door poszter
The Wrong Door sorozat TMDb
Tales of Television Centre poszter
Tales of Television Centre film TMDb

Sam Gillespie szerepében:
Max Brown 1981-02-10 Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England, UK

A native of Ilkley, Yorkshire, England, however he spent his childhood mostly in Shrewbury, Shropshire, England, Max Brown's love of acting was ignited at an early age. His beginnings in the realm of acting trace to his stage performances at the Shrewsbury Music Hall. At the age of 20, the youthful face of Max Brown first appeared on television on the series Grange Hill in 2001. Since that time, Max has established himself with various television appearances, including Crossroads, Hollyoaks Mistresses and most notably HBO's The Tudors. His film work includes Daylight Robbery, Act of God, Flutter and more recently Love Tomorrow.

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Spooks poszter
Spooks sorozat TMDb
Mistresses poszter
Mistresses sorozat TMDb
The Tudors poszter
The Tudors sorozat TMDb
Grange Hill poszter
Grange Hill sorozat TMDb
Grange Hill poszter
Grange Hill sorozat TMDb
Beauty and the Beast poszter
Beauty and the Beast sorozat TMDb

Felix Livingstone szerepében:
Jerry Iwu

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WPC Peggy Button szerepében:
Ami Metcalf 1994-01-01 Lewisham, London, England, UK

British actress best known for playing the young Kathy Burke in her 2012 Sky Atlantic series Walking and Talking

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Crawl poszter
Crawl film TMDb
Allied poszter
Allied film TMDb
Pan poszter
Pan film TMDb
Panto! poszter
Panto! film TMDb
The Mimic poszter
The Mimic sorozat TMDb
One Night poszter
One Night sorozat TMDb