Murphy Brown is the star reporter on a news magazine show called FYI. She lives in a townhouse that she is having repainted; Eldin the painter may never finish the job. Jim Dial is the uptight senior anchor, a seasoned veteran. Frank is a single guy and constantly looking for a girlfriend, he is also Murphy's best friend. Corky is a former Miss America turned newsperson, she covers all the "hard" news.

Futó sorozat 1988.11 - 1998.05 | 30 perc @CBS, US

Joe Regalbuto (Frank Fontana), Faith Ford (Corky Sherwood), Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown), Charles Kimbrough (Jim Dial), Grant Shaud (Miles Silverberg), És a többiek Robert Pastorelli (Eldin Bernecky), Nik Dodani (Pat), Pat Corley (Phil), Lily Tomlin (Kay Carter-Shepley), Jake McDorman (Avery Brown), Tyne Daly (Phyllis),

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09. 28.
Fake News
Murphy Brown

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Back in the game after a brief retirement, and faced with a world of 24-hour cable, social media, "fake news" and a vastly different political climate, Murphy is determined to draw the line between good television and honest reporting, proving that the world needs Murphy Brown now more than ever.

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