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Mood (Játék a tűzzel) 1x4


Vetítés: 2022.03.01 23:05, kedd

Sasha goes to visit her family in their new home and as everyone tries to paper over the cracks it's clear Sasha doesn't belong and she sings a ballad about feeling even more alone.
Sasha returns to the studio with Kobi but struggles as her old and new worlds collide, especially when Kobi reveals he knows about Sasha's online identity/work. At Abi's birthday party Sasha can't help but enjoy herself when Kobi puts her at ease, until someone from her past appears that forces her to do what she does best – run. A panicked Sasha lashes out at Kobi creating a rift between them. As Sasha dives into her new work, she meets the tech entrepreneur Kasper who offers her a new perspective. Sasha reconciles with her own sexual wants and past experiences and what that really means for her.

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