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Vetítés: 2022.03.01 23:05, kedd

Sasha thinks she's found a best friend in Carly and her life is on the up, partying and having fun but she still isn't making enough money online.
Carly says Sasha needs to drop the attitude and learn the importance of building a brand, especially if she wants to make a name for herself. Carly promises to get Sasha on the books with the elusive Giuliana who organizes exclusive events for high-net worth clients. Sasha is less than impressed when they meet social media famous Teeg Jones at a club, a YouTuber turned boxer, fresh from losing a fight. They all go back to Carly's flat where Teeg reveals his life isn't all it's cracked up to be and Sasha sees a darker side to online fame.
An ecstatic Sasha is booked for one of Giuliana's events in an exclusive five-star hotel. Initially Sasha feels like a fish out of water until she meets her Prince Charming, Josh. Performing a song for the guests, Sasha is the toast of the evening until Carly manipulates Sasha into making a decision she never thought she would. Sasha is left questioning whether this glittering world of status and money is all it seems. After the hedonistic night's events, is becoming a singer even further from her reach?

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