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Mood (Játék a tűzzel) 1x1


Vetítés: 2022.03.01 23:05, kedd

Meet Sasha. Wannabe singer. Weed smoker. Going nowhere fast. A rowdy, 25-year-old from the East End with a bank balance of minus £77. Sasha has big dreams of being a music star but no idea how to get there.

After waking up from her pop star fantasy, Sasha is brought back down to earth: she's still living at home, her sort of ex-boyfriend Anton's been ghosting her for weeks, and she can't remember what happened last night. After a bad argument with her family, Sasha is kicked out of the family home. She has a chance meeting with Carly Visionz, a Northern 22-year-old influencer, and she's introduced to a whole new world.

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