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Lauchhammer - Tod in der Lausitz (Lauchhammeri gyilkosság) 1x1


Vetítés: 2022.09.08 12:00, csütörtök

A case calls LKA investigator Maik Briegand to Lauchhammer, the place of his childhood and youth in the Lusatia lignite mining area. Here he meets his new colleague Annalena Gottknecht. A mysterious girl murder was committed. The first traces point to a sexual offense. Briegand and Gottknecht find out that the victim, Ramona Schinschke, was involved in drugs and had contacts with the local gang that officially sells magazines. Annalena Gottknecht, who meticulously types every detail into her computer, to Briegand's initial amusement, is confronted with the secrecy and stubbornness of her colleague during the investigation. Briegand determines intuitively. Again and again he meets acquaintances from his past. He started out as a young police officer at the Lauchhammer police station. For some, he is still "Maiki", the younger son of the police officer Karl Briegand, who was dismissed early from the service after reunification. While researching the victim's environment, Annalena comes across catastrophic conditions: Ramona Schinschke's mother has become addicted to drugs, her little brother Dustin is neglected and left to his own devices after Ramona's death. Only police officer André Pötschke takes care of the family... Juri Schavadenov, the victim's friend and member of the gang of crooks, is increasingly becoming the focus of investigations. When Maik and Annalena want to question him, he withdraws in a spectacular way.

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