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The family drama Kingdom is set against the gritty world of Mixed Martial Arts in Venice, California. Season two finds Alvey's improved fortunes have led to a bigger gym, but also a bigger appetite for risk. Ryan "The Destroyer" Wheeler defends his title, while Jay finds a new obsession. Lisa focuses on managing Alicia, an impulsive but skilled female fighter. Nate's determination to get back in the cage causes rifts with his family. And Christina gets a taste of sober life while carrying the burden of her sons' struggles—with victory comes agony and a price.

Futó sorozat 2014.10 - 60 perc @Audience Network, US

  Színész galéria  Frank Grillo, Jessica Szohr, Joanna Going, Jonathan Tucker, Kiele Sanchez, Lina Esco, Mac Sullivan, Matt Lauria, Natalie Martinez, Nick Jonas, Paul Walter Hauser

Dráma, Akció, Családi, Sport

06. 01.
3 × 1
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