It is the 23rd Century and Earth's space empire exiles its prisoners off-planet. Or at least they did until a crew of fierce and adventurous female crims break free and go on the run, heading… intergalactic. The show follows Ash, a young flight cadet falsely imprisoned before becoming embroiled in an audacious prison break-out. Across their perilous escape through space, this disparate gang of dynamic women fight, fall in love and betray each other. But one thing is for certain, the further they travel from Earth, the closer they come to understanding who they truly are.

Forgatás alatt 2021.04 - ? | 60 perc @Sky 1, GB


Savannah Steyn (Ash), Eleanor Tomlinson (Candy), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Tula), Natasha O'Keeffe (Prisoner 99450), Parminder Nagra (Arch Marshall Rebecca Harper), Craig Parkinson (Dr Benedict Lee), Thomas Turgoose (Drew),

Dráma Akció Sci-fi, tudományos fikció

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When law-abiding space cop Ash Harper is convicted of a crime she did not commit, she is sentenced to exile and loaded onto prison spaceship the Hemlock. Her mother Rebecca, who is head of galactic security, is determined to prove her daughter's innocence and bring her safely home, but any hopes of a reunion are dashed when Ash's fellow convicts overthrow the guards and hijack the Hemlock.