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Színész- és szereplőlista: Industry

Harper Stern szerepében:
Myha'la Herrold 1996-04-06 California,USA

Myha'la Herrold (/maɪˈhɑːlə/; born 1996) is an American actress. She is known for her role as Harper Stern in the British television drama Industry and her role as Jordan in the comedic horror film Bodies Bodies Bodies. She acted primarily in theater roles before being cast in Industry, including on the Broadway production of The Book of Mormon.

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Bodies Bodies Bodies poszter
Bodies Bodies Bodies film
Plan B poszter
Plan B film
Rehabilitation of the Hill poszter
Rehabilitation of the Hill film

Yasmin Kara-Hanani szerepében:
Marisa Abela 1996-12-08 Brighton, England

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Barbie poszter
Barbie film
Rogue Agent poszter
Rogue Agent film
She is Love poszter
She is Love film
Five Dates poszter
Five Dates film

Robert Spearing szerepében:
Harry Lawtey

Harry Lawtey is an actor, known for City of Tiny Lights (2016), Wizards vs. Aliens (2012) and Benediction (2021).

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Magpie Murders poszter
Magpie Murders sorozat
City of Tiny Lights poszter
City of Tiny Lights film
Benediction poszter
Benediction film

Gus Sackey szerepében:
David Jonsson

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Kenny Kilblane szerepében:
Conor MacNeill 1988-07-04 Antrim, Ireland

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Artemis Fowl poszter
Artemis Fowl film
Belfast poszter
Belfast film
City of Ember poszter
City of Ember film
The Current War poszter
The Current War film
Love & Friendship poszter
Love & Friendship film

Eric Tao szerepében:
Ken Leung 1970-01-21 New York City, New York, USA

Kenneth "Ken" Leung (born January 21, 1970) is an American actor best known for his role as Miles Straume in the ABC television series Lost and roles in such films as Shanghai Kiss, Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Saw. ​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Blacklist poszter
The Blacklist sorozat
Lost poszter
Lost sorozat
Old poszter
Old film
Saw poszter
Saw film
Rush Hour poszter
Rush Hour film

Rishi Ramdani szerepében:
Sagar Radia

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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation poszter
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation film
The Good Karma Hospital poszter
The Good Karma Hospital sorozat
We Still Kill the Old Way poszter
We Still Kill the Old Way film
Britz poszter
Britz film
Muse poszter
Muse film

Venetia Berens szerepében:
Indy Lewis

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La Fortuna poszter
La Fortuna sorozat

Danny Van Deventer szerepében:
Alex Alomar Akpobome

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Twenties poszter
Twenties sorozat

Celeste Pacquet szerepében:
Katrine De Candole

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Love's Kitchen poszter
Love's Kitchen film
Crow poszter
Crow film
X-Men: First Class poszter
X-Men: First Class film
Fated poszter
Fated film
The Cosmonaut poszter
The Cosmonaut film

Jesse Bloom szerepében:
Jay Duplass 1973-03-07 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

An American film director. He is best known for his debut film The Puffy Chair and Baghead. His brother Mark Duplass has worked with him on both films. Duplass attributes much of his and his brother's love for film to his appreciation for Raising Arizona. In an interview with Robert K. Elder for The Film That Changed My Life , Duplass speculates on what might have happened had he not seen the film in his youth. I probably wouldn’t be making movies—seriously. It held over for so long. It really was the root of everything that Mark and I always hold ourselves to in making movies. That is to say that Raising Arizona is the most inspired movie that I have ever seen. Description above from the Wikipedia article Jay Duplass, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

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Search Party poszter
Search Party sorozat
Paper Towns poszter
Paper Towns film
Prospect poszter
Prospect film
Transparent poszter
Transparent sorozat
Duck Butter poszter
Duck Butter film

Leo Bloom szerepében:
Sonny Poon Tip

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Holby City poszter
Holby City sorozat

Charles Hanani szerepében:
Adam Levy 1970-12-05

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The Witcher poszter
The Witcher sorozat
Gladiator poszter
Gladiator film
Making The Witcher poszter
Making The Witcher film
Before I Go to Sleep poszter
Before I Go to Sleep film
A.D. The Bible Continues poszter
A.D. The Bible Continues sorozat