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Grand Designs (Házépítők) 24x8


Vetítés: 2023.12.06 22:00, szerda

Kevin McCloud returns to West Sussex to meet with Olaf and Fritha who, in 2019, set out to build their own oasis on a piece of land that is boxed in by a railway line and an A-road. Due to an underground mains sewer, they were unable to build on half their plot and were left with a small triangle on which to build a three-bedroom house. They began with only £190,000 and were immediately surprised at the price of the sturdy retaining walls and foundations they needed to combat traffic vibrations and the sharp, pointed angles of the hand-built timber frame stretched Olaf to his limits. Kevin returns to see how life has gone for the pair and their new young daughter Lagertha in their triangular house.