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God Eater 1x4


Vetítés: 2015.08.09 15:30, vasárnap

Lenka returns from the successful mission to rescue Alisa and is assigned to the 1st Unit along with Alisa and Kota. He goes into the city for the first time at Kota's invitation and learns of the existence of Aegis Island which is faintly visible on the water surface in the distance. The Aegis Project is the top priority of the Fenrir Far East Branch which has been moving forward to build a giant island shelter to protect mankind from the threat of Aragami. Meanwhile, as Alisa undergoes a medical exam, she recalls Lenka's eyes which she cryptically describes as "Ужас " (uzhas) which means hell in Russian. And the three of them set out on their first mission as God Eaters of the 1st Unit.

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