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Future Man chronicles a janitor by day, world-ranked gamer by night who is tasked with preventing the extinction of humans after mysterious visitors from the future declare him to be the key to defeating the imminent super-race invasion.

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Derek Wilson (Wolf), Eliza Coupe (Tiger), Josh Hutcherson (Josh Futturman), Ed Begley Jr. (Gabe Futturman), Glenne Headly (Diane Futturman),

Vígjáték Akció Sci-fi

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01. 11.
Countdown to a Prologue
Future Man

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Josh is kidnapped by Athena, a member of a secret terrorist organization called The Pointed Circle. His mission to save the world didn't work. Stu Camillo, now in power, created the cure, and humanity is more divided than ever. Oh, and it's the year 2162.

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