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First Kiss for the Seventh Time (Seven First Kisses) 1x3


Vetítés: 2016.12.12 04:00, hétfő

Soo Jin meets Park Hae Jin, her manager at work. He is angry at Soo Jin for using her phone at work and confiscates it. He then asks her to meet him after work. When she goes, Hae Jin asks her if she has anything scheduled after work or a boyfriend, which she answers to as neither. He then asks her to overwork with him, but they only eat dinner. Hae Jin leaves and Soo Jin tries to clean the office but finds photos of her. Those same pictures were in an envelope placed in her locker. Soo Jin is now scared and tried to run away. Someone starts following her and she suddenly meets a creepy perverted man in the elevator. He tells her that he was the one who took her pictures and starts stripping while taking her pictures. Hae Jin saves her and tells her he was watching over her after finding the photos. He then asks her to be his girlfriend. However, before they kiss, she is back in time. Her old boss then delivers an envelope to her.

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