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First Kiss for the Seventh Time (Seven First Kisses) 1x2


Vetítés: 2016.12.08 04:00, csütörtök

IT tycoon, Lee Joon Gi, tells Soo Jin that he will wait for her outside until she finished work. Soo Jin clearly remembers that he is an actor and their mall's model, but her co-workers disagree with her. After leaving work, Joon Gi takes her to dinner at his house and plans an event for her birthday. He shows her picture of their childhood. She can't remember any of that, but he turns out to be her "Church Oppa". He then tells her that every year, on her birthday, he was contemplating whether to confess to her or not. But states that today, on her 25 birthday, he plans to confess to her. When he is about to kiss her, she is suddenly back at the mall's information counter again. One of the cards changes and Joon Gi's photo shows up on it. Suddenly, Park Hae Jin appears. Turns out, he is her manager.

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