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First Kiss for the Seventh Time (Seven First Kisses) 1x1


Vetítés: 2016.12.05 04:00, hétfő

Min Soo Jin is a receptionist working at Lotte Duty Free mall. She is a person who never had a boyfriend nor has been kissed. It's her 25th birthday and she wishes to get a boyfriend. While at work, she meets a woman who asks her for direction. However, that woman forgets her passport on the reception table. Soo Jin goes looking for her but then realize that it was not a passport. Suddenly, that woman appears and tells Soo Jin that she will repay her for her kindness. She asks for Soo Jin's wish and somehow mysteriously know that Soo Jin wants a boyfriend. The mysterious woman makes 7 cards miraculously appear out of nowhere and tells Min Soo she is going to meet a handsome guy in 10 seconds. Suddenly, a handsome guy walks over and tells Soo Jin that he will wait for her outside until she finishes her work.

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