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Színész- és szereplőlista: De Volta Aos 15

Anita szerepében:
Maisa Silva 2002-05-22 São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brasil

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Cinderela Pop poszter
Cinderela Pop film
Carrossel poszter
Carrossel sorozat
Double Dad poszter
Double Dad film
Carinha de Anjo poszter
Carinha de Anjo sorozat
Desapega! poszter
Desapega! film

Anita (adulta) szerepében:
Camila Queiroz 1993-06-27 Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

Camila Queiroz is a Brazilian model and actress. At just 14 years old, she went to live alone in the city of São Paulo, after winning the Pernambucanas Faces contest on a national stage and signing a contract with Ford Models. At the age of sixteen, she went to live in Japan, hired by a local agency. At the age of eighteen, she moved to New York, continuing her modeling career, where she participated in international campaigns, such as the one for the Armani Exchange brand. Camila lived in the US for three years, until she was 21, when she was called to audition for Rede Globo to play a model in Walcyr Carrasco's soap opera, Verdades Secretas, where she plays Arlete, a naive young woman who dreams of being a model. of success, but ends up working in the world of luxury prostitution. Camila had never done any work as an actress, but she received praise from the director for her performance as the protagonist of the soap opera.

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Verdades Secretas 2 poszter
Verdades Secretas 2 sorozat
Verdades Secretas poszter
Verdades Secretas sorozat
Pega Pega poszter
Pega Pega sorozat
Verão 90 poszter
Verão 90 sorozat
Êta Mundo Bom! poszter
Êta Mundo Bom! sorozat

Luiza szerepében:
Amanda Azevedo

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Dry-Corpse poszter
Dry-Corpse film

Henrique szerepében:
Caio Cabral

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Confessions of an Invisible Girl poszter
Confessions of an Invisible Girl film
O Vigia poszter
O Vigia film

Carol szerepében:
Klara Castanho 2000-10-06 Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil

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Confessions of an Invisible Girl poszter
Confessions of an Invisible Girl film
Amor à Vida poszter
Amor à Vida sorozat
Além do Tempo poszter
Além do Tempo sorozat
Morde & Assopra poszter
Morde & Assopra sorozat
Bom Dia, Verônica poszter
Bom Dia, Verônica sorozat

César szerepében:
Pedro Vinícius

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Malhação poszter
Malhação sorozat
O Filho Eterno poszter
O Filho Eterno film