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Conversations with Friends (Baráti beszélgetések) 1x11


Vetítés: 2022.05.15 06:00, vasárnap

Out for a drink, Frances and Nick are enjoying each other's company openly and publicly. They find themselves talking about Nick's depression last year; something that has been alluded to, but Frances didn't know the details of. They both admit that things haven't always been straightforward between them but that they are making each other happy now. The next day, Frances is told the results of her abdominal scan. The diagnosis unsettles her - and she decides to keep the news to herself while she processes it. Unaware of her news, Nick reveals that he and Melissa have started sleeping together again which upsets Frances further. A few days later at Nick's birthday party, Frances tries to act cool but can't contain her anger and confusion at how fast things have gone wrong. The next morning Bobbi returns to their flat and reveals that Melissa has shown her Frances' short story. Bobbi is furious with both the content of the story and Frances' dishonesty. Hurt by Frances too many times, she ends the friendship. Frances is devastated. When Nick reaches out, it becomes clear their future together is shaky.

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