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Conversations with Friends (Baráti beszélgetések) 1x9


Vetítés: 2022.05.15 06:00, vasárnap

Frances reads over her short story - about Bobbi, and their relationship. She seems like she's exorcised something – though she's still feeling low. Later, when her bank card is declined, she realises that her dad hasn't been putting money in her account - she calls him but there's no answer. An unexpected invite from Valerie leads Frances to impulsively share her short story with her. That night, Frances is again in deep pain and vomits. The next day, a visibly ill Frances collapses on the way to meet Bobbi, who takes her home and cares for her. Vulnerable, Frances admits to Bobbi that she and Nick aren't speaking. Seeing how upset Frances is, Bobbi calls Nick and invites him over. When he arrives, he and Frances speak honestly, and he makes a startling announcement.

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