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Conversations with Friends (Baráti beszélgetések) 1x8


Vetítés: 2022.05.15 06:00, vasárnap

Frances and Bobbi attend Melissa's book launch where Frances is overcome with jealousy as she watches Nick and Melissa together. She tries to use Bobbi to make Nick jealous, and when Bobbi sharply reprimands her, Frances leaves, shocked. Later, Bobbi brings a woman home. Feelings lost and self-destructive Frances joins a dating app. Frances apologises to Bobbi but continues to ignore Nick's texts before going on a Tinder date. Bobbi accepts her apology but still acts a little combative, accidently forcing Frances to reveal her affair to a mutual friend who is more judgemental than Frances expected. Bobbi is understanding - but worries that Frances is losing herself. At Nick's, Frances bluntly tells him that she slept with someone from Tinder. Nick is hurt by Frances' behaviour, and they fight. Frances leaves Nick distraught. Back at home, Frances starts writing furiously.

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