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Conversations with Friends (Baráti beszélgetések) 1x7


Vetítés: 2022.05.15 06:00, vasárnap

Frances and Nick reconnect and agree to see each other when he returns from Croatia. Bobbi reveals that she is looking for a place to rent as she is struggling at home with her parent's impending divorce; Frances suggests that she can move into her spare room. On her first night in the flat, Bobbi and Frances warm up to each other again and life seems to be returning to some sort of normality. Frances starts back at college and when Nick arrives home, they start seeing each other again, with Bobbi's blessing. But when Frances and Bobbi bump into Melissa in town, Bobbi is hit with the reality of lying to Melissa and shares her discomfort with Frances. Frances is torn by the secrecy of her relationship with Nick, and when he makes a radical suggestion, she is both excited and scared for the future.

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