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Conversations with Friends (Baráti beszélgetések) 1x4


Vetítés: 2022.05.15 06:00, vasárnap

Frances and Bobbi arrive at Melissa and Nick's idyllic villa in Croatia where they're introduced to their friends Derek and Evelyn. As the group lounge by the sea Bobbi notices Frances staring at Nick and teases her again for having a crush, but Frances brushes it off. Nick takes Bobbi and Frances sightseeing, and they stop at a cove where Bobbi goes for a swim. Alone for the first time, Nick apologises to Frances for how he handled things and admits that it's good to see her. That night, unable to sleep, Frances wanders downstairs and bumps into Nick - confirming the chemistry is still strong between them. When Frances ditches Bobbi in favour of hanging around the villa (and Nick) for the day, Bobbi is hurt - and as the group play a drinking game late that night, Bobbi turns her teasing to Nick, which mortifies Frances. But a late-night visit from Nick proves that the two can't stay away from each other.

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