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Színész- és szereplőlista: Commando's

John de Koning szerepében:
Werner Kolf

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Gangsta poszter
Gangsta film
Swanenburg poszter
Swanenburg sorozat
Vechtershart poszter
Vechtershart sorozat
Wolf poszter
Wolf film
The Price of Sugar poszter
The Price of Sugar film

Simon Goedegebure szerepében:
Kay Greidanus 1991-06-04 The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

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Nieuwe Buren poszter
Nieuwe Buren sorozat
The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir poszter
The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir film
Riphagen the Untouchable poszter
Riphagen the Untouchable film
The East poszter
The East film
Little Crumb poszter
Little Crumb film

Mark Passchaert szerepében:
Egbert Jan Weeber 1981-06-18 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

Egbert-Jan Weeber grew up in Haren, where he played theater classes at the local Center for Arts and Culture in early years. When at the age of 14 at the Stadschouwburg van Groningen, he saw a performance of the Vooropleiding Theater (The Noorderlingen), he decided to sign up for the company immediately. In 2000, Weeber was first seen in the BNN Series Finals. One year later, he got his first lead. He was nominated for a Golden Calf. In 2002 Weeber played with Katja Schuurman in Oesters van Nam Kee. His role in the movie Van God Losing from 2003, he once again delivered a Gold Calvinomination. In 2012 Weeber played in the TV series and the historical film Michiel de Ruyter (2015), including Frank Lammers and Charles Dance, Weeber played Prince William III of Orange. In 2016, Weeber played in the movie If the Sun Explodes, awarded with the MovieZone NFF Award. Weeber regularly performs as DJ at festivals since his sixteenth. He performed at Mysteryland and the Amsterdam Dance Event. In 2005, Weeber presented the Spam radio program at 3FM.

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Admiral film
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Saint film
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Redbad film
Voetbalmaffia poszter
Voetbalmaffia sorozat
Storm - Letter of Fire poszter
Storm - Letter of Fire film

Kenneth Sinkgraven szerepében:
Chiem Vreeken

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Voetbalmaffia poszter
Voetbalmaffia sorozat
Lena poszter
Lena film
Free Fight poszter
Free Fight film
Accident poszter
Accident film
Commando's poszter
Commando's film

Aza Quazani szerepében:
Bilal Wahib

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Mocro Maffia poszter
Mocro Maffia sorozat
Meskina poszter
Meskina film
The Hero poszter
The Hero film
About That Life poszter
About That Life film
Wasted poszter
Wasted film

Berend Vink szerepében:
Teun Kuilboer 1982-09-21 Haarlem, Netherlands

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Smeris poszter
Smeris sorozat
Redbad poszter
Redbad film
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The Heineken Kidnapping film
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Nova Zembla film
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Skin film