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Színész- és szereplőlista: Clark

Clark Olofsson szerepében:
Bill Skarsgård 1990-08-09 Vällingby, Sweden

Bill Istvan Günther Skarsgård (born 9 August 1990) is a Swedish actor. He is best known for starring in The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Atomic Blonde, and the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove and playing Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the 2017 adaptation of It.

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Barbarian poszter
Barbarian film
Eternals poszter
Eternals film
It Chapter Two poszter
It Chapter Two film
John Wick: Chapter 4 poszter
John Wick: Chapter 4 film
Deadpool 2 poszter
Deadpool 2 film

Young Clark szerepében:
Kolbjörn Skarsgård

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Kenny Starfighter poszter
Kenny Starfighter sorozat

Teen Clark szerepében:
Lukas Wetterberg

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Eva & Adam poszter
Eva & Adam film

Tommy Lindström szerepében:
Vilhelm Blomgren 1991-07-17

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Midsommar poszter
Midsommar film
The Last Letter from Your Lover poszter
The Last Letter from Your Lover film
Vuxna människor poszter
Vuxna människor sorozat
My Dad Marianne poszter
My Dad Marianne film
Gösta poszter
Gösta sorozat

Ingbritt Olofsson szerepében:
Sandra Ilar

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Sten Olofsson szerepében:
Peter Viitanen 1980-02-21

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Den osannolika mördaren poszter
Den osannolika mördaren sorozat
The Slingshot poszter
The Slingshot film
Ted: Show Me Love poszter
Ted: Show Me Love film
Försvunna människor poszter
Försvunna människor sorozat
Wallander 21 - The Sniper poszter
Wallander 21 - The Sniper film

Maria szerepében:
Hanna Björn

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Attack on Finland poszter
Attack on Finland film

Liz szerepében:
Malin Levanon 1977-11-12 Gagnef, Sweden

Malin Vulcano Levanon (born 12 November 1977), also known as Malin Vulcano, is a Swedish actress. She grew up in Gagnef in Dalarna, where she already at the age of eight made her acting debut in the annual summer plays that were made in her village. Levanon was awarded a Guldbaggen award in the category Best female lead role for 2016, for her lead role as the character Minna in the film Tjuvheder. The same year she also played the character Mamman in the film Flockan, for which she won the Filmpublicisternas award for "Film couple of the Year" along with colleague Eva Melander. Levanon has also acted in the film Återträffen with Anna Odell, which won the Kritikerpristet and Best Debut Film at the Venice Film Festival in 2013. Levanon played the leading role as the singer in the Italian film Pornodrome - Una storia dal vivo. In 2011, Levanon acted in the SVT TV series Anno 1970, and in the TV series The Bridge she played the character Filippa. In 2016, she acts in the TV series Black Widows opposite Cissi Forss and Peter Stormare.

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The Master Plan poszter
The Master Plan film
Black Widows poszter
Black Widows sorozat
The Ark: An Iron Sky Story poszter
The Ark: An Iron Sky Story film
Flocking poszter
Flocking film
Drifters poszter
Drifters film

Kurre Räven szerepében:
Adam Lundgren

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Vår tid är nu poszter
Vår tid är nu sorozat
Max Anger - With One Eye Open poszter
Max Anger - With One Eye Open sorozat
My Name Is Love poszter
My Name Is Love film
She Monkeys poszter
She Monkeys film
Blå Ögon poszter
Blå Ögon sorozat

Madou szerepében:
Isabelle Grill 1997-09-20 Gothenburg, Sweden

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Midsommar poszter
Midsommar film
Rave poszter
Rave film
Götaplatsen #flerochfler poszter
Götaplatsen #flerochfler film

Ingela szerepében:
Agnes Lindström Bolmgren

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Bäckström poszter
Bäckström sorozat
The Cake General poszter
The Cake General film
Beck 36 - The Thin Ice poszter
Beck 36 - The Thin Ice film
Kingdom of Sweden poszter
Kingdom of Sweden film
Albert & Hermann Goering poszter
Albert & Hermann Goering film