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Mackenzie 'Mack' Granger szerepében:
Rachel Griffiths 1968-12-18 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Rachel Anne Griffiths AM (born 18 December 1968) is an Australian film and television actress. She came to prominence with the 1994 film Muriel's Wedding and her Academy Award nominated performance in Hilary and Jackie (1998). She is best known for her portrayals of Brenda Chenowith in the HBO series Six Feet Under and Sarah Walker Laurent on the ABC primetime drama Brothers & Sisters. Her work in film and television has earned her a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and three Australian Film Institute Awards. Griffith attended Melbourne University, studying philosophy, before attending the drama department at Victoria School of the Art.  After college, she began working with the touring youth company Woolly Jumpers Theater Company, as well as the Melbourne Theater Company, where she appeared in numerous dramas.   Griffiths made a name for herself in 1991 when she wrote and performed in the short film "Barbie Gets Hip,” which was screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. She landed a few TV spots before she was cast as Rhonda, Toni Collette's sidekick in P.J. Hogan's "Muriel's Wedding" (1994), winning her an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Supporting Actress. These successes jump-started her career, landing her numerous dramatic and comedic roles in overseas productions, before making her American cinema debut with her second P.J. Hogan collaboration, "My Best Friend's Wedding” (1997). In the fall of 2001, Griffiths accepted her first major television series role and came aboard Alan Ball’s HBO series "Six Feet Under."  Griffith stayed with the show during its five years of critical acclaim, while at the same time, continued to appear an lend her voice to screen and direct-to-video features before returning to telvision to star in "Brothers and Sisters" to much similar acclaim. 

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Brothers and Sisters poszter
Brothers and Sisters sorozat TMDb
Six Feet Under poszter
Six Feet Under sorozat TMDb
Anyone But You poszter
Anyone But You film TMDb
Total Control poszter
Total Control sorozat TMDb
Hacksaw Ridge poszter
Hacksaw Ridge film TMDb
Aftertaste poszter
Aftertaste sorozat TMDb

Roger Shepard szerepében:
Rodger Corser 1973-02-28 Victoria, Australia

Rodger Corser (born 28 February 1973) is an Australian actor. He is best known for his portrayals of Detective Senior Sergeant Steve Owen in the Nine Network crime mini-series Underbelly, based on the Melbourne gangland killings, and Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake in the Network Ten police drama series Rush, and as Dr.Hugh Knight in The Nine Network series Doctor Doctor or as known in places outside of Australia as The Heart Guy. He was part of the main cast of Glitch in the role of John Doe/William Blackburn.

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McLeod's Daughters poszter
McLeod's Daughters sorozat TMDb
Doctor Doctor poszter
Doctor Doctor sorozat TMDb
The Doctor Blake Mysteries poszter
The Doctor Blake Mysteries sorozat TMDb
Glitch poszter
Glitch sorozat TMDb
Underbelly poszter
Underbelly sorozat TMDb
Water Rats poszter
Water Rats sorozat TMDb

Kip Wampler szerepében:
Thom Green 1991-09-04

Thomas Green is an Australian dancer and actor.

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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn poszter
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn sorozat TMDb
Dance Academy poszter
Dance Academy sorozat TMDb
Beneath Hill 60 poszter
Beneath Hill 60 film TMDb
Jack Irish: Bad Debts poszter
Jack Irish: Bad Debts film TMDb
Downriver poszter
Downriver film TMDb
Of an Age poszter
Of an Age film TMDb

Sarah Brennen szerepében:
Dena Kaplan 1989-01-20 Johannesburg, South Africa

Dena Kaplan is a South African-born Australian actress, singer, model and dancer. She is known for her role as Abigail Armstrong in Dance Academy.

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Tricky Business poszter
Tricky Business sorozat TMDb
Dance Academy poszter
Dance Academy sorozat TMDb
Occupation: Rainfall poszter
Occupation: Rainfall film TMDb
Honey 3: Dare to Dance poszter
Honey 3: Dare to Dance film TMDb
Long Story Short poszter
Long Story Short film TMDb
Dance Academy: The Movie poszter
Dance Academy: The Movie film TMDb

Robbie Matthews szerepében:
Tim Pocock 1985-10-24 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Tim Pocock is a South-African born, Australian actor. He was born in South Africa. He was adopted and moved to Ireland and at the age of seven to Australia where he was raised.

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Dance Academy poszter
Dance Academy sorozat TMDb
We Were Tomorrow poszter
We Were Tomorrow sorozat TMDb
Forbidden Ground poszter
Forbidden Ground film TMDb
Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism poszter
Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism film TMDb
Lemon Tree Passage poszter
Lemon Tree Passage film TMDb
X-Men Origins: Wolverine poszter
X-Men Origins: Wolverine film TMDb

Buzz Granger szerepében:
Charles Grounds

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Elvis poszter
Elvis film TMDb
Crazy Rich Asians poszter
Crazy Rich Asians film TMDb
Babyteeth poszter
Babyteeth film TMDb
Downriver poszter
Downriver film TMDb
It Only Takes a Night poszter
It Only Takes a Night film TMDb
Time Addicts poszter
Time Addicts film TMDb

David 'Cole' Coleman szerepében:
Nikolai Nikolaeff 1981-12-26

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Marvel's Daredevil poszter
Marvel's Daredevil sorozat TMDb
Sea Patrol poszter
Sea Patrol sorozat TMDb
Power Rangers poszter
Power Rangers sorozat TMDb
The OA poszter
The OA sorozat TMDb
The Last Voyage of the Demeter poszter
The Last Voyage of the Demeter film TMDb
Wicked Science poszter
Wicked Science sorozat TMDb

Marina Barker szerepében:
Lily Sullivan 1994-09-08 Australia

Lily Sullivan is an Australian actress. She played Coral in the 2012 film Mental, and Miranda in the 2018 television series Picnic at Hanging Rock. She plays leading roles in two 2023 feature films, Australian sci-fi thriller Monolith, and American horror film Evil Dead Rise.

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Evil Dead Rise poszter
Evil Dead Rise film TMDb
Romper Stomper poszter
Romper Stomper sorozat TMDb
Barkskins poszter
Barkskins sorozat TMDb
Jungle poszter
Jungle film TMDb
Monolith poszter
Monolith film TMDb
Mental poszter
Mental film TMDb

Grace szerepében:
Charlotte Nicdao 1991-08-14 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Charlotte Nicdao is an Australian actress and composer known for her role as Jackie Lee in A gURLs wURLd and her role as Poppy Li in Mythic Quest.

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Mythic Quest poszter
Mythic Quest sorozat TMDb
Thor: Ragnarok poszter
Thor: Ragnarok film TMDb
Please Like Me poszter
Please Like Me sorozat TMDb
A gURLs wURLd poszter
A gURLs wURLd sorozat TMDb
Content poszter
Content sorozat TMDb
The Subjects poszter
The Subjects film TMDb