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Beyond Oak Island Színész- és szereplőlista

Host szerepében:
Matty Blake Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Matty Blake is an American actor and stand-up comedian.

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Narrator (voice) szerepében:
Robert Clotworthy 1955-10-24 Los Angeles, California, USA

Robert Bruce Clotworthy (born October 24, 1955) is an American actor and voice actor. A narrator, he is best known as the narrator for the History Channel series Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island and his role as the voice of Jim Raynor in the StarCraft video game series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Self szerepében:
Rick Lagina

Rick is a retired U.S. postal worker from Northern Michigan who has been obsessed with the mystery of Oak Island since he was just 11 years old and read about it in the January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest. Now he is heading up his own team of treasure hunters. Raised by a humble, close-knit family, Rick is the kind of guy who sees the world in black and white; honor is everything, and when you commit to something, you see it through to the end. As Rick puts it: “Once in, forever in!” This has been his lifelong dream, but is his determination to solve this 200-year-old mystery based on confidence or the same dangerous obsession to which so many before him have fallen victim?

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Self szerepében:
Marty Lagina Kingsford on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Marty is Rick’s younger brother and has always looked up to him. Even though he’s shared Rick’s interest in Oak Island since childhood, he’s a bit skeptical that anything was ever really buried there. He wants verifiable proof that major works were done on the island prior to the first treasure hunt in 1795 and also worries that Rick could fall victim to the obsession with the island like so many before him. Nevertheless, it is Marty who is primarily financing this adventure. He’s an engineer who has made millions in the energy business and now wants his older brother to realize his dream, too.

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