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Below Deck MediterraneanVitorlással a Földközi-tengeren

7.6 IMDb

With a new boat, new location, and new faces, the excitement, drama, and adventure of life aboard a private luxury yacht is taken to another level in the Mediterranean. Providing unparalleled service to wealthy and uncompromising guests is made even more difficult as the team faces everything from love triangles to seeing fellow crew members shockingly cross the line with guests. Voyaging from Santorini, Mykonos, and many of the Greek islands, each episode features a new group of elite clientele who present a new set of challenges, all while offering the crew a glamorous lifestyle and exotic perks that most people only dream of experiencing. For these young, attractive, and adventurous yachties, the "work hard, play harder" nature of the job combined with the pressure of working in the most exclusive yachting scene in the world pushes the team close to the breaking point on Below Deck Mediterranean.

Futó sorozat 2016.05 - 2022.11 | 45 perc @Bravo , US

Galéria Ben Robinson (Ben Robinson), Captain Sandy Yawn (Captain Sandy Yawn), Christine Drake (Christine Drake), Dave White (Dave White), Storm Smith (Storm), Natasha Webb (Natasha Webb), Elena Dubaich (Elena Dubaich), Mzi "Zee" Dempers (Mzi "Zee" Dempers), Courtney Veale (Courtney Veale) És a többiek Reid Jenkins (Reid Jenkins), Kyle Viljoen (Kyle Viljoen), Jason Gaskell (Jason Gaskell), Natalya Scudder (Natalya Scudder), Jessika Asai (Jessika Asai), Katie Flood (Katie Flood), David Pascoe (David Pascoe), Mathew Shea (Mathew Shea), Lloyd Spencer (Lloyd Spencer), Malia White (Malia White), Alex Radcliffe (Alex Radcliffe), Max Salvador (Max Salvador), Lily Davison (Lily Davison), Jack Luby (Jack Luby), Jessica More (Jessica More), Hannah Ferrier (Hannah Ferrier), Hinrigo Lorran (Hindrigo "Kiko" Lorran), Robert Westergaard (Robert Westergaard), Anastasia Surmava (Anastasia Surmava), João Franco (João Franco), Colin Macy-O'Toole (Colin Macy-O'Toole), June Foster (June Foster), Brooke Laughton (Brooke Laughton), Kasey Cohen (Kasey Cohen), Jamie Jason (Jamie Jason), Lauren Cohen (Lauren Cohen)

Dráma, Utazás, Reality

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