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Belascoarán, PI Színész- és szereplőlista - 1. évad

Héctor Belascoaran szerepében:
Luis Gerardo Méndez 1982-03-12 Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Luis Gerardo Méndez (born March 12, 1982) is a Mexican actor and producer. Having previously mostly appeared in smaller films and on television, Méndez shot to fame through his starring role in 2013 comedy film The Noble Family, Mexico's highest-grossing film ever. The following year, he played the lead role in Cantinflas, and as of 2015 he is co-producing (with friend Gary Alazraki) and co-starring (with Mariana Treviño) in Club de Cuervos, which is Netflix' first ever original production in Spanish.

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¿Quién lo mató? poszter
¿Quién lo mató? sorozat TMDb
Lola... Érase Una Vez poszter
Lola... Érase Una Vez sorozat TMDb
The Resort poszter
The Resort sorozat TMDb
Los Enviados poszter
Los Enviados sorozat TMDb
Club de Cuervos poszter
Club de Cuervos sorozat TMDb
Narcos: Mexico poszter
Narcos: Mexico sorozat TMDb

Irene szerepében:
Paulina Gaitán 1992-02-19 Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Paulina Gaitán Ruíz (born 19 February 1992 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal) is a Mexican actress. Description above from the Wikipedia article Paulina Gaitán, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia

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Narcos poszter
Narcos sorozat TMDb
The River poszter
The River sorozat TMDb
Señorita Pólvora poszter
Señorita Pólvora sorozat TMDb
Asesino del olvido poszter
Asesino del olvido sorozat TMDb
Deseo poszter
Deseo film TMDb
Diablo Guardián poszter
Diablo Guardián sorozat TMDb

Elisa Belascoaran szerepében:
Irene Azuela 1979-10-27 Mexico City, Mexico

Irene Azuela (b. October 27, 1979) is a British-born Mexican actress and producer.

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Los Enviados poszter
Los Enviados sorozat TMDb
La querida del Centauro poszter
La querida del Centauro sorozat TMDb
Bienvenida Realidad poszter
Bienvenida Realidad sorozat TMDb
Las viudas de los jueves poszter
Las viudas de los jueves sorozat TMDb
Monarca poszter
Monarca sorozat TMDb
Miss Bala poszter
Miss Bala film TMDb

Gilberto Gómez Letras szerepében:
Silverio Palacios 1967-01-01 Colima, Mexico

Silverio Palacios Montes is a Mexican actor, screenwriter and director with a long career in film, theater and television. He is known for his roles in award-winning films such as "Matando cabos", "Y tu mamá Tambien", "La Delgada Linea Amarillo", "El Violín", among others.

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El Infierno poszter
El Infierno film TMDb
Y Tu Mamá También poszter
Y Tu Mamá También film TMDb
The Legend of Zorro poszter
The Legend of Zorro film TMDb
Dale Gas poszter
Dale Gas sorozat TMDb
Blue Miracle poszter
Blue Miracle film TMDb
Promesas de campaña poszter
Promesas de campaña sorozat TMDb

Federico Paniagua szerepében:
Enrique Arreola

Since 1992, he has participated professionally in more than 100 roles and was a member of the Cast of the Compañía Nacional de Teatro from 2008 until 2017. In cinema Enrique performed in the film "Temporada de Patos" directed by Fernando Eimbcke, receiving the Ariel prize as Best Actor. He has been nominated for the movie "Párpados Azules" by Ernesto Contreras and for the film "Cinco Dias Sin Nora". This actor has an amazing career; he has performed in dozens of movies and Tv-Series in his whole performing life. Nowadays; we can see him performing in the TV-Series "Diablo Guardian" broadcast on Amazon, "Run Coyote Run" broadcast on Fox Channel, and in "Historia de Un Crimen: Colosio" broadcast on Netflix. In 2018 we enjoyed his performance in the play "Testosterona" together with the famous actress Cecilia Suarez; and in "3 Hermanas" from Diego del Río, among others. In 2019 he premiered the films "Detrás de la Montaña", "Complot Mongol" the new film by Sebastian del Amo, "Asfixia" by Kenia Marquez recognized at the Morelia Festival 2018 and for which he was nominated for the Pecime 2020 awards as " Best Actor". Soon he will premiere "Los Minutos Negros" by Mario Muñoz, "Que viva México" by Luis Estrada. And also performing en the new TV-Series from Ernesto Contreras "Belascoaran".

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Tengo que morir todas las noches poszter
Tengo que morir todas las noches sorozat TMDb
Ojitos de huevo poszter
Ojitos de huevo sorozat TMDb
El Mantequilla: Maestro de la estafa poszter
El Mantequilla: Maestro de la estafa sorozat TMDb
Diablo Guardián poszter
Diablo Guardián sorozat TMDb
¡Que viva México! poszter
¡Que viva México! film TMDb
Queens on the Run poszter
Queens on the Run film TMDb

Marisa Ferrer szerepében:
Nailea Norvind 1970-02-16 Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Nailea Norvind (born February 16, 1970 in Mexico City, México) is a Mexican Theatre, television and film actress. She started her career at a young age. She appeared in the critically acclaimed film Gaby: A True Story. She also lent her voice to play Princess Kida in the Spanish dubbing of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Most remembered from her role as the villain Leonor in the telenovela Quinceañera. She was nominated for the Ariel in 2012 as best supporting actress for her role as Nina in the film " La Otra Familia".

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Abrázame muy fuerte poszter
Abrázame muy fuerte sorozat TMDb
Abismo de pasión poszter
Abismo de pasión sorozat TMDb
Mujer de Madera poszter
Mujer de Madera sorozat TMDb
Muchacha italiana viene a casarse poszter
Muchacha italiana viene a casarse sorozat TMDb
Rebelde poszter
Rebelde sorozat TMDb
Cuidado con el Ángel poszter
Cuidado con el Ángel sorozat TMDb

Locutor de Noticias szerepében:
Jorge Echegoyen

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Javier "El Gallo" Villarreal szerepében:
Gabino Rodríguez

Gabino Rodríguez is an actor and writer, known for A tiro de piedra (2010), Perpetuum Mobile (2009) and La niña en la piedra (2006).

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El Infierno poszter
El Infierno film TMDb
Sin Nombre poszter
Sin Nombre film TMDb
Violet Perfume poszter
Violet Perfume film TMDb
We Are the Flesh poszter
We Are the Flesh film TMDb
Tragic Jungle poszter
Tragic Jungle film TMDb
Abel poszter
Abel film TMDb