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Balthazar Színész- és szereplőlista

Raphaël Balthazar szerepében:
Tomer Sisley 1974-08-14 Berlin, Germany

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Don't Look Up poszter
Don't Look Up film TMDb
Messiah poszter
Messiah sorozat TMDb
We're the Millers poszter
We're the Millers film TMDb
Une mère parfaite poszter
Une mère parfaite sorozat TMDb
Vortex poszter
Vortex sorozat TMDb
The Nativity Story poszter
The Nativity Story film TMDb

Fatim szerepében:
Philypa Phoenix

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Tout cela je te le donnerai poszter
Tout cela je te le donnerai sorozat TMDb
Osmosis poszter
Osmosis sorozat TMDb
The Mystery of Henri Pick poszter
The Mystery of Henri Pick film TMDb
Grand Hôtel poszter
Grand Hôtel sorozat TMDb
Do You Do You Saint-Tropez poszter
Do You Do You Saint-Tropez film TMDb
Follow poszter
Follow sorozat TMDb

Jérôme Delgado szerepében:
Yannig Samot 1969-01-01

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Les Misérables poszter
Les Misérables sorozat TMDb
Tout pour Agnès poszter
Tout pour Agnès sorozat TMDb
Pep's poszter
Pep's sorozat TMDb
Through the Fire poszter
Through the Fire film TMDb
The French Kissers poszter
The French Kissers film TMDb
He Even Has Your Eyes poszter
He Even Has Your Eyes film TMDb

Eddy szerepében:
Côme Levin 1990-09-11 Paris, France

Côme Levin (born September 11, 1990) is a French actor. Following a number of small roles, he first became widely known for his performance as Jérémy in the 2012 comedy film Radiostars, for which he was named to the initial Révélations longlist for the César Award for Most Promising Actor. Source: Article "Côme Levin" from Wikipedia in English, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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Missions poszter
Missions sorozat TMDb
The Family poszter
The Family film TMDb
Five poszter
Five film TMDb
Ceux de 14 poszter
Ceux de 14 sorozat TMDb
Gangsterdam poszter
Gangsterdam film TMDb
SMS poszter
SMS film TMDb

Lise Castel szerepében:
Pauline Cheviller 1989-01-06

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24 Days poszter
24 Days film TMDb
The Children of Chance poszter
The Children of Chance film TMDb
Mystery at the Opera Garnier poszter
Mystery at the Opera Garnier film TMDb

Camille Costes szerepében:
Constance Labbé 1988-05-29 Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France

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Ma pire angoisse poszter
Ma pire angoisse sorozat TMDb
Cat's Eyes poszter
Cat's Eyes sorozat TMDb
Cyrano, My Love poszter
Cyrano, My Love film TMDb
A Friendly Tale... poszter
A Friendly Tale... film TMDb
Piste noire poszter
Piste noire sorozat TMDb
Groom poszter
Groom sorozat TMDb

Olivia Vésinet szerepében:
Caterina Murino 1977-09-15 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

​Caterina Murino was born on September 15, 1977, in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. In 1996 she reached the fourth place in the Miss Italy contest. Then she moved to Milan where she began working as a model in commercials for Mastercard, Swatch, Mercedes Benz, and Nescafe among other gigs. From 1999-2000 she studied acting at the Scuola di Cinema e Teatro di Francesca de Sapio in Italy. In 1999, Murino made her acting debut in a stage production of Richard III and also in several Italian language plays. In 2002 she began her film and television career with playing bit parts in Italian, German, and French productions. Her breakthrough came in 2004, when she co-starred opposite Jean Reno in a French comedy L'enquête Corse (2004). Ms. Murino is trilingual, she speaks French and English in addition to her native Italian. She is a versatile actress and a good athlete. Her talents include singing, dancing tango, flamenco and oriental dances, as well as horseback riding. She is co-starring as Solange, one of three Bond girls, opposite Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006). ((Bio from IMDB))

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Casino Royale poszter
Casino Royale film TMDb
Escort Boys poszter
Escort Boys sorozat TMDb
Vientos de agua poszter
Vientos de agua sorozat TMDb
Odysseus poszter
Odysseus sorozat TMDb
Plan B poszter
Plan B sorozat TMDb
Being James Bond poszter
Being James Bond film TMDb