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Attack on Titan 4x29


Vetítés: 2023.03.04 16:10, szombat

Chapter 1 - The Rumbling: The Rumbling continues, with the Colossal Titans killing countless people, including Ramzi and his brother and Grisha's parents, and destroying civilizations all over the world. Meanwhile, the ship carrying the scouts and warriors arrive at Odiha. Thinking her father is already dead, Annie decides to stay behind on the ship with Gabi, Falco, Yelena, and the Azumabito, while the remaining warriors, scouts, and Onyankopon take the flying boat to stop Eren. The next day, just as the group are about to take off, Floch, having survived the battle at the port, damages the hull of the flying boat before being killed by Mikasa. However, before the flying boat can be properly repaired, the Rumbling arrives. Hange appoints Armin the next commander of the Survey Corps before sacrificing herself by going up against the Colossal Titans, buying them just enough time to get the aircraft off the ground.

Chapter 2 - Sinners: En route to Eren, the scouts and warriors discuss plans to confront him, with Armin still believing in a peaceful resolution. Eren suddenly brings them into the paths dimension, explaining that in order to stop the Rumbling, they must kill him, and that he will not take away their freedom to do so. Back on the ship, Falco reveals to Annie that his Titan might have the ability to fly. Many refugees from Liberio, including the Warriors' families, escape to Fort Salta, a Marleyan base. As they arrive, they see a number of airships launching an assault on Eren and his Titans. However, the airships are quickly destroyed by the Beast Titan, which materialized on Eren's skeletal form, leaving everyone utterly hopeless. Just then, the flying boat arrives and the scouts and warriors jump from the aircraft. Pieck and Reiner transform, with the latter managing to pin the Beast Titan down. Armin calls out to Eren, asking what about him is free.

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