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Nisan szerepében:
Aslı Enver 1984-05-10 London, England

Aslı Enver (born 10 May 1984) is a Turkish actress. She is best known for her roles in several TV series including as Mine in Kavak Yelleri, as Ahu Kumral in Suskunlar and as Süreyya in İstanbullu Gelin. She is also known for her roles in Kayıp, Bana Artık Hicran De, Kardeşim Benim, Tamam mıyız? and Babil.

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İstanbullu Gelin poszter
İstanbullu Gelin sorozat
Hayat Bilgisi poszter
Hayat Bilgisi sorozat
Kış Güneşi poszter
Kış Güneşi sorozat
In Good Hands poszter
In Good Hands film
Kavak Yelleri poszter
Kavak Yelleri sorozat

Tufan szerepében:
Mehmet Günsür 1975-05-08 Istanbul, Turkey

Gunsur was born in 1975 as the second child of a family of Tatar descent (a Turkic ethnic subgroup). His mother, Sibel, was a lecturer and his father, Teoman, was an industrial engineer who graduated from the Middle East Technical University and worked in a nuber of different sectors. His older sister Zeynep Gunsur Yuceil, who is a choreographer of modern ballet, is also a lecturer. He began his acting career at the age of seven in various commercials. At the age of 14, he appeared in Okan Uysaler's Past Spring Mimoses with actors such as Rutkay Aziz, Filiz Akin and Musfik Kenter. After graduating from the Italian High School, he entered the Marmara University Communication Faculty and graduated with honors. Gunsur gave concerts with a music group and ran a restaurant for four years. With a friend's help, he auditioned for a role in the movie Hamam. After the trial shot, he was accepted for the role and the film was directed by Ferzan Ozpetek. After this film, he decided to turn to acting. Gunsur got married on 17 July 2006 to the Italian documentalist Caterina Mongio, whom he met in 2004. They have 3 children. - IMDb Mini Biography By: yusufpiskin

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Muhteşem Yüzyıl poszter
Muhteşem Yüzyıl sorozat
Atiye poszter
Atiye sorozat
Fi poszter
Fi sorozat
Red Istanbul poszter
Red Istanbul film
Steam: The Turkish Bath poszter
Steam: The Turkish Bath film

Azra szerepében:
Defne Kayalar 1975-05-07 Izmir, Turkey

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Kus uçusu poszter
Kus uçusu sorozat
Medcezir poszter
Medcezir sorozat
Al Yazmalım poszter
Al Yazmalım sorozat
Bir Başkadır poszter
Bir Başkadır sorozat
Delibal poszter
Delibal film

Emin szerepében:
Erol Babaoğlu 1977-06-22 İstanbul, Türkiye

Erol Babaoğlu (born 22 June 1977) is a Turkish actor.

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Burning Days poszter
Burning Days film
Bliss poszter
Bliss film
Pars: Narkoterör poszter
Pars: Narkoterör sorozat
Araf/Somewhere in Between poszter
Araf/Somewhere in Between film
Fate poszter
Fate film

Levent szerepében:
Yigit Akkaya Eskişehir, Turkey

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Eylem Yıldız 1978-03-26 Istanbul, Turkey

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Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem poszter
Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem sorozat
The Miracle poszter
The Miracle film
Borrowed Bride poszter
Borrowed Bride film
Şaşıfelek Çıkmazı poszter
Şaşıfelek Çıkmazı sorozat
Sihirli Annem poszter
Sihirli Annem sorozat

Sema szerepében:
İpek Türktan 1981-01-01 Mersin, Türkiye

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Leyla ile Mecnun poszter
Leyla ile Mecnun sorozat
10 Days of a Good Man poszter
10 Days of a Good Man film
Clair Obscur poszter
Clair Obscur film
The Impeccables poszter
The Impeccables film
Anatolian Leopard poszter
Anatolian Leopard film

Oral Özer 1984-01-01 Hatay, Türkiye

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Kızılcık Şerbeti poszter
Kızılcık Şerbeti sorozat
Kurt Seyit ve Şura poszter
Kurt Seyit ve Şura sorozat
Yaşamayanlar poszter
Yaşamayanlar sorozat
Arka Sıradakiler poszter
Arka Sıradakiler sorozat
Sevda Kuşun Kanadında poszter
Sevda Kuşun Kanadında sorozat

Şirin Öten

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Bir Zamanlar Çukurova poszter
Bir Zamanlar Çukurova sorozat
G.K. poszter
G.K. film

Meliha szerepében:
Begüm Akkaya 1991-02-08 Istanbul, Turkey

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Çukur poszter
Çukur sorozat
Yeni Hayat poszter
Yeni Hayat sorozat
20 Dakika poszter
20 Dakika sorozat
I Am You poszter
I Am You film
Adı: Zehra poszter
Adı: Zehra sorozat

Fatos szerepében:
Devin Özgür Çınar 1973-06-21 Devrek, Turkey

She was born in 1973. She was graduated in 1996 from Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory, from the department of Drama. Between the period 1996-1997 she performed in a play written by Can Yücel, named "Bahar Noktasi" (Spring Point) at Bakirköy Municipal Theater. She has been acting in significant and popular serials of Turkish Television as an important supporting actress from 1996 to present. Between the years 1999-2000 she played in a television serial called "Ikinci Bahar" (Second Spring), which was directed by 'Türkan Derya'. Beside those, in the year 2000 she played in a feature film directed by Serdar Akar, named "Dar Alanda Kisa Paslasmalar" (Offside), and in a feature film directed by Tunç Basaran, named "Abuzer Kadayif" (Abuzer Baklava). Now she is playing in a television serial called "Karanlikta Kosanlar" (Runners in the Dark), which is directed by Ugur Yücel.

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Kalbimdeki Deniz poszter
Kalbimdeki Deniz sorozat
Parmaklıklar Ardında poszter
Parmaklıklar Ardında sorozat
In the Family poszter
In the Family film
Köpek poszter
Köpek sorozat
İkinci Bahar poszter
İkinci Bahar sorozat

Veysi szerepében:
Erdem Şenocak 1979-01-01 Istanbul, Turkey

Erdem Şenocak (born January 1, 1979) is a Turkish theater artist and film actor.

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About Dry Grasses poszter
About Dry Grasses film
Burning Days poszter
Burning Days film
Uysallar poszter
Uysallar sorozat
Between Two Dawns poszter
Between Two Dawns film
The Reeds poszter
The Reeds film