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Apocalypse: La 2e Guerre mondiale (Apokalipszis: a második világháború) 1x6


Vetítés: 2009.09.22 21:35, kedd

Unconditional Surrender: Two fateful words full of terrible implications for the Axis countries - but also for the Allies. There would be no negotiations, no Treaty of Versailles, no bargaining for territories, no concessions. The policy meant that the Axis armies had to be beaten in every city, street, and field in Germany and Japan. It meant governments had to fall, war-making powers crushed, and civilians brought to taste the agony of war their leaders had unleashed on the world. This final episode follows unique and compelling footage from D-Day to Japan's final surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri. As survivors emerge from the ruins, we catch one last glimpse of little Rose and her family. She has lived to grow up in a world permanently altered by war.

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