Sorozat figyelő naptár a sorozatokhoz

Anno 1790 1x6


Vetítés: 2011.11.28 21:00, hétfő

One of Daadh's old radical comrades is accused of treason and hung on the square. His body is going to be donated to Uppsala University to undergo dissection for the advancement of medical science. But the body instantly disappears, and the two students who were sent to take possession of it are found murdered. Daadh soon realises that his enemy Marta Raxelius must be involved in the theft of the body. But two more murders take place, and it becomes clear to Daadh that someone is ready to kill indiscriminately in order to prevent him from uncovering the dangerous truth he has got wind of. And before he realises it, his own life is also in danger.

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