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Cemre szerepében:
Demet Evgar 1980-05-19 Manisa, Turkey

Demet Evgar (born 18 May 1980) is a Turkish actress and singer known for her roles in feature films and TV series. ‏‏She also pursues an active career as an actress in theatre where she had made her debut. She has founded theatre institutions such as "Pangar", "Hata Yapım Atölyesi", "Müşterek", "Multi Arts Production". Evgar was born in Manisa in 1980. Her film career has awards and box office successes. In her television career, she starred in the rom-com 1 Kadın 1 Erkek for 8 seasons. She also played supporting roles in the hit comedy series Emret Komutanım, Yedi Numara, and Tatlı Hayat. She played the role of "Kara Fatma" (guest star) in the period series Vatanım Sensin and had a leading role in drama series Avlu and Alev Alev. In 2020, she released her first official single "Nanay" and in 2021 she was featured on Can Bonomo's song "Rüyamda Buluttum".

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1 Erkek 1 Kadın poszter
1 Erkek 1 Kadın sorozat TMDb
1 Kadın 1 Erkek poszter
1 Kadın 1 Erkek sorozat TMDb
Bahar poszter
Bahar sorozat TMDb
Emret Komutanım poszter
Emret Komutanım sorozat TMDb
Avlu poszter
Avlu sorozat TMDb
1 Erkek 1 Kadın 2 Çocuk poszter
1 Erkek 1 Kadın 2 Çocuk sorozat TMDb

Çiçek szerepében:
Hazar Ergüçlü 1993-01-02 Nicosia, Cyprus

Hazar Ergüçlü (born 1 January 1993) is a Turkish-Cypriot actress. She is best known for playing Zeynep in the series The Protector (2018–2020) and Eylül on the Turkish drama series Medcezir (2013–2015). She has also starred in a number of films, including Gölgeler ve Suretler, Benim Dünyam, Kar, Gönül, and Ahlat Ağacı.

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Kuzey Güney poszter
Kuzey Güney sorozat TMDb
Yüksek Sosyete poszter
Yüksek Sosyete sorozat TMDb
İnci Taneleri poszter
İnci Taneleri sorozat TMDb
Hakan: Muhafız poszter
Hakan: Muhafız sorozat TMDb
Medcezir poszter
Medcezir sorozat TMDb
Dudullu Postası poszter
Dudullu Postası sorozat TMDb

Rüya szerepében:
Dilan Çiçek Deniz 1995-02-28 Sivas, Turkey

Dilan Çiçek Deniz is a Turkish actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Turkey 2014 and represented her country at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant. She is known for her role as Sena Koçovali in Çukur TV show. She was born in Sivas. Her parents are teachers. Her mother is Hale Temizyürek and her father is Orhan Deniz. She got three years of theater education from her high school. At the age of 15 she wrote a poem book named I taught sun is my mother in Turkish language. When she was 17 she joined the theater competition of her school and won an action prize. She started with tourism major in Ege university. But she soon changed her major to literature. Dilan participated in 2014 Elidor Miss Turkey beauty competition and won the 2. place. In 2015 Miss universe that took place in Miami she represented Turkey. In 2015 she acted as 'Ebru' character in "Tatli Küçük Yalancilar". In that TV show She acted with Bensu Soral, Sükrü Özyildiz, Alperen Duymaz, Beste Kökdemir, Büsra Develi, Burak Deniz. In 2015 she also acted as 'Elif' in "Günesin Kizlari" TV show with Hande Erçel and Tolga Saritas. Dilan was crowned as Miss Universe Turkey. At the same pageant with three other winners of Miss Turkey 2014. Dilan and three queens who were crowned as Miss World Turkey as the official winner of the pageant, Miss Earth Turkey as the third place and the last place as Miss International Turkey. The Miss Turkey pageant for 2014 was held at the Star TV Studios in Istanbul on May 27.

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Çukur poszter
Çukur sorozat TMDb
Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar poszter
Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar sorozat TMDb
Bodrum Masalı poszter
Bodrum Masalı sorozat TMDb
Yarım Kalan Aşklar poszter
Yarım Kalan Aşklar sorozat TMDb
Kusursuz Kiracı poszter
Kusursuz Kiracı sorozat TMDb
Don't Leave poszter
Don't Leave film TMDb

Çelebi szerepében:
Cem Bender 1965-01-01 Trabzon, Türkiye

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Gülperi poszter
Gülperi sorozat TMDb
Aldatmak poszter
Aldatmak sorozat TMDb
Karayılan poszter
Karayılan sorozat TMDb
Magarsus poszter
Magarsus sorozat TMDb
Labyrinth poszter
Labyrinth film TMDb
Pains of Autumn poszter
Pains of Autumn film TMDb

Ozan szerepében:
Berkay Ateş 1987-02-19 Istanbul, Turkey

His father is from Ardahan and his mother is from Malatya. He won the Promising Young Actor Award at the 22nd Golden Boll Film Festival with the character of Ahmet in the movie 'Abluka'. After appearing in various theater plays, he turned to the cinema, portraying the character of Rebel in the movie Yarim Kalan Mucize, Ahmet in the movie Abluka, Cengiz in the TV series Anne, and Saltuk in the series Istanbul Sokaklari. Berkay Ates graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theater Department. He started his theater studies at Semaver Kumpanya. He studied Theater at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Meanwhile, he worked as an assistant at Dot Theater, Semiha Berksoy Opera Foundation and Theater Krek. He took part as an actor in the plays Bent, Yirmi Bes, Karabatak, which is a production of Theater D22, and in the joint production of Altidan Sonra Tiyatro/Pangar , Kral (Soytarim) Lear'. Berkay Ates is also the author of the plays Yirmi Bes, Karabatak and Hak. - IMDb Mini Biography By: yusufpiskin

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Çukur poszter
Çukur sorozat TMDb
Anne poszter
Anne sorozat TMDb
Aldatmak poszter
Aldatmak sorozat TMDb
Gülizar poszter
Gülizar sorozat TMDb
Magarsus poszter
Magarsus sorozat TMDb
Passed by Censor poszter
Passed by Censor film TMDb

Ömer szerepében:
Cihangir Ceyhan 1989-10-15 Adana, Türkiye

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Çukur poszter
Çukur sorozat TMDb
Camdaki Kız poszter
Camdaki Kız sorozat TMDb
Sıfır Bir poszter
Sıfır Bir sorozat TMDb
Comme Il Faut poszter
Comme Il Faut film TMDb
Güven Bana poszter
Güven Bana film TMDb

İskender szerepében:
Berker Güven 1994-09-07 Izmir, Turkey

He made his cinematic debut in 2017 with a role in the movie Babam alongside Çetin Tekindor and Melisa Şenolsun. He started his career in television with his role as Aleksi in Vatanım Sensin, and further rose to prominence by his performance in Zalim İstanbul as Nedim. At the 22nd Sadri Alışık Theater and Cinema Actors Awards, he received the Outstanding Young Actor Award for his performance in the theater play Yen. In November 2019, he was given the Best Drama Actor of the Year award at the Turkey– Azerbaijan Brotherhood Awards.

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Üç Kız Kardeş poszter
Üç Kız Kardeş sorozat TMDb
Vatanım Sensin poszter
Vatanım Sensin sorozat TMDb
Zalim İstanbul poszter
Zalim İstanbul sorozat TMDb
My Father poszter
My Father film TMDb
The Adventures of Sukran the Lame poszter
The Adventures of Sukran the Lame film TMDb

Tomris szerepében:
Zuhal Olcay 1957-08-10 Üsküdar, İstanbul, Turkey

Zuhal Olcay (born 10 August 1957) is a Turkish actress and singer. Graduated from Ankara State Conservatory in 1976, she first started as a stage actress. She played in hit series Yeditepe İstanbul. Since 1983 she also started acting in films and became famous with films like "Amansız Yol", "Kurşun Ata Ata Biter", "Bir Avuç Gökyüzü", "Halkalı Köle", and "Dünden Sonra Yarından Önce". In 1989 she began a successful singing career.

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Yüksek Sosyete poszter
Yüksek Sosyete sorozat TMDb
Bir Aşk Hikayesi poszter
Bir Aşk Hikayesi sorozat TMDb
İffet poszter
İffet sorozat TMDb
Gecenin Ucunda poszter
Gecenin Ucunda sorozat TMDb
Yeditepe İstanbul poszter
Yeditepe İstanbul sorozat TMDb
Geniş Zamanlar poszter
Geniş Zamanlar sorozat TMDb

Ali szerepében:
Toprak Can Adıgüzel 1992-01-26 İzmir, Türkiye

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Kalp Yarası poszter
Kalp Yarası sorozat TMDb
Sevmek Zamanı poszter
Sevmek Zamanı sorozat TMDb
Benim Güzel Ailem poszter
Benim Güzel Ailem sorozat TMDb

Komiser Taner szerepében:
Fatih Çetintaş

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Börü 2039 poszter
Börü 2039 sorozat TMDb

Polis memuru szerepében:
Ali Bahadır Bahar 1980-04-08 İzmir

Ali Bahadir Bahar was born on 8th of April 1980 in Karsiyaka, Izmir. He is a theater, commercial and TV actor. He was born in 1980 as the youngest of three siblings. Ali Bahadir Bahar had his first experience as an amateur in 1998 with a street Theather. He has worked for many years in different sectors and private institutions. He has fully contributed and founded Theather clubs in those institutions where he had also directed and performed himself as well. He attended Eric Morris Method Acting (Deniz Erdem), Mask Acting (Matteo Mastro) classes and Applied Camera Front Acting class by director Can Kilcioglu. On 23th of November 2019, he took part in one of famous teather festival by Galataperfom (8. new text new Theather) which name is "Vardi Yoktu (Kabus X 500 By director Tolga Kilik). He has the full membership of Actors Union of Turkey. He continues his professional career successfully which he had started as an amateur.

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Ramo poszter
Ramo sorozat TMDb
Baba Candır poszter
Baba Candır sorozat TMDb
Zeytin Ağacı poszter
Zeytin Ağacı sorozat TMDb
Ferhat ile Şirin poszter
Ferhat ile Şirin sorozat TMDb
Var Bunlar poszter
Var Bunlar sorozat TMDb
Kara poszter
Kara sorozat TMDb

Ergün Metin 1985-03-24 Malatya, Türkiye

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Bir Zamanlar Çukurova poszter
Bir Zamanlar Çukurova sorozat TMDb
Ret poszter
Ret film TMDb
One Love poszter
One Love film TMDb
Her Şey Yolunda poszter
Her Şey Yolunda film TMDb
The Team poszter
The Team film TMDb
Ga’yrimeşru poszter
Ga’yrimeşru film TMDb

Hülya szerepében:
Nurhan Özenen 1960-01-26 Ankara, Türkiye

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Parmaklıklar Ardında poszter
Parmaklıklar Ardında sorozat TMDb
Umutsuz Ev Kadınları poszter
Umutsuz Ev Kadınları sorozat TMDb
Menajerimi Ara poszter
Menajerimi Ara sorozat TMDb
Vuslat poszter
Vuslat sorozat TMDb
Adanalı poszter
Adanalı sorozat TMDb
Ezel poszter
Ezel sorozat TMDb

Hanım szerepében:
Veda Yurtsever 1969-01-23 Bingöl, Turkey

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Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? poszter
Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? sorozat TMDb
Üç Kız Kardeş poszter
Üç Kız Kardeş sorozat TMDb
Kırgın Çiçekler poszter
Kırgın Çiçekler sorozat TMDb
Babil poszter
Babil sorozat TMDb
Zengin ve Yoksul poszter
Zengin ve Yoksul sorozat TMDb
Beyaz Karanfil poszter
Beyaz Karanfil sorozat TMDb

Adnan szerepében:
Sekvan Serinkaya 1974-01-01

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Köprü poszter
Köprü sorozat TMDb
Kara Ağaç Destanı poszter
Kara Ağaç Destanı sorozat TMDb
Gazi poszter
Gazi sorozat TMDb
Magarsus poszter
Magarsus sorozat TMDb
Nobody's Home poszter
Nobody's Home film TMDb
Hayatımın Şansı poszter
Hayatımın Şansı sorozat TMDb