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Catherine 'Cat' Avery Pascal szerepében:
Alison Armitage 1965-02-26 High Wycombe, England, UK

Ravishing brunette beauty Alison Armitage was born on February 26, 1965 in High Wycombe, London, England. She's of mixed French, English, and German descent. Alison has two brothers and grew up in Hong Kong, where she lived for twenty years. Armitage became a competitive swimmer at age four and qualified for the Olympic team representing Hong Kong. Alison studied computer science at the University of San Diego in California. Following graduation from college she moved to Denver, Colorado. Armitage then moved a second time to Los Angeles, California. Using the alias Brittany York, Alison was the Playmate of the Month in the October, 1990 issue of "Playboy." She subsequently appeared in many "Playboy" videos. Among the other publications Armitage has done pictorials for and/or graced the covers of are "Maxim," "Razor," "DT," and "Bikini." Alison has not only been featured in TV commercials for such clients as Reebok Sportswear, West Cigarettes, Budweiser Beer, and Trac Cell Phones, but also has done print ads for Anhueser Beer, Miller Beer, Carrabelle Swimwear, Vital Hair Care, and Michael Beaudry Jewelry. She has small roles in the movies "Secret Games," "Miracle Beach," "Jerry Maguire," and "Driven." Moreover, Armitage had regular featured parts in the TV series "Acapulco H.E.A.T.," "The New Adventures of Robin Hood," "True Survivors," and "The Bold and the Beautiful." Among the TV shows Alison has made guest appearances on are "Full House," "Seinfeld," "Silk Stockings," and "L.A. Heat." Armitage speaks fluent French. IMDb Mini Biography By: woodyanders

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Jerry Maguire poszter
Jerry Maguire film TMDb
Miracle Beach poszter
Miracle Beach film TMDb
Secret Games poszter
Secret Games film TMDb
Playboy: The Best of Wet & Wild poszter
Playboy: The Best of Wet & Wild film TMDb
Playboy Wet and Wild: The Complete Collection poszter
Playboy Wet and Wild: The Complete Collection film TMDb
Playboy: Sexy Lingerie IV poszter
Playboy: Sexy Lingerie IV film TMDb

Tommy Chase szerepében:
Michael Worth 1965-01-13 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Michael Troy Worth (born January 13, 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American actor, martial artist, screenwriter, and director.

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Teen Wolf Too poszter
Teen Wolf Too film TMDb
Jurassic Attack poszter
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Final Impact poszter
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Demon Hunter poszter
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Jabberwock Dragon Siege poszter
Jabberwock Dragon Siege film TMDb
Sasquatch Mountain poszter
Sasquatch Mountain film TMDb

Joanna Barnes szerepében:
Christa Sauls 1972-04-15 Kinston, North Carolina, USA

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The Dentist poszter
The Dentist film TMDb
Ghost Rock poszter
Ghost Rock film TMDb
Killing Cupid poszter
Killing Cupid film TMDb

Nicole Bernard szerepében:
Lydie Denier 1964-04-15 Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique, France

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Tarzan: The Epic Adventures poszter
Tarzan: The Epic Adventures sorozat TMDb
Tarzán poszter
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Flesh and Fire poszter
Flesh and Fire film TMDb
Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue poszter
Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue film TMDb
The Assault poszter
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Bulletproof poszter
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