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Gölge szerepében:
Engin Öztürk 1986-09-28 Eskişehir, Turkey

Engin Öztürk (born 28 September 1986) is a Turkish actor. He played in the hit series Behzat Ç. Bir Ankara Polisiyesi. He is best known for his performances in Magnificent Century (2013–2014), High Society (2016), The Way We Are (2020), 50M² (2021).

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Muhteşem Yüzyıl poszter
Muhteşem Yüzyıl sorozat TMDb
Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? poszter
Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? sorozat TMDb
Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir poszter
Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir sorozat TMDb
Behzat Ç.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi poszter
Behzat Ç.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi sorozat TMDb
Hakan: Muhafız poszter
Hakan: Muhafız sorozat TMDb
Hatırla Gönül poszter
Hatırla Gönül sorozat TMDb

Dilara szerepében:
Aybüke Pusat 1995-05-20 Ankara, Turkey

Aybüke Pusat (born 25 February 1995) is a Turkish actress, ballet dancer, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Earth Turkey 2014 and was supposed to represent her country at the Miss Earth 2014 pageant. Her maternal family is of Tatar descent (a Turkic ethnic subgroup). She graduated from ballet department of Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory. Pusat made her debut appearance in the popular TV series Medcezir as a supporting role in 2014. She then went on to play a series of supporting roles in comedy series Beş Kardeş (2015) and O Hayat Benim (2015–16). She rose to fame in 2017 for playing the headstrong, resilient female lead Dr. Bahar Kutlu in two seasons of Söz, one of Turkey's most popular and internationally acclaimed action drama, alongside Tolga Sarıtaş, who was nominated for an International Emmy Award (Best Performance by an Actor) for his role. In 2018, she went on to star in a leading role in Şahin Tepesi, an adaptation of the widely acclaimed US TV series Falcon Crest. In 2019, she starred alongside Furkan Andıç in the romantic comedy Her Yerde Sen where she plays Selin Sever, a lively and intelligent interior architect who was forced to share a house with Andıç's character Demir Erendil, who was also her boss. Her Yerde Sen received international recognition and high praise after having won a Golden Lens Award from the Journalists' Association for its impeccable storytelling, directing, and cinematography.

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Teşkilat poszter
Teşkilat sorozat TMDb
O Hayat Benim poszter
O Hayat Benim sorozat TMDb
Söz poszter
Söz sorozat TMDb
Medcezir poszter
Medcezir sorozat TMDb
Her Yerde Sen poszter
Her Yerde Sen sorozat TMDb
Alef poszter
Alef sorozat TMDb

Muhtar szerepében:
Cengiz Bozkurt 1965-12-24 Nevşehir, Turkey

Mehmet Cengiz Bozkurt (born 24 December 1965) is a Turkish actor. He is best known for his role as Erdal Bakkal in the hit surreal comedy series Leyla ile Mecnun. A graduate of Ankara Atatürk Lisesi, in 1984 he enrolled in Middle East Technical University to study physics but changed his major to stage acting in 1990. He then moved to England, where he lived for 14 years. In 1996, he graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with a degree in "Media and Communication" studies. He the briefly shot documentaries for some channels and directed short movies. He returned to acting with the encouragement of Mehmet Ergen and worked at Arcola Theatre. Upon returning to Turkey, he continued his career by appearing in various movies and TV series.

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Leyla ile Mecnun poszter
Leyla ile Mecnun sorozat TMDb
Aramızda Kalsın poszter
Aramızda Kalsın sorozat TMDb
Hangimiz Sevmedik poszter
Hangimiz Sevmedik sorozat TMDb
Kocamın Ailesi poszter
Kocamın Ailesi sorozat TMDb
Parmaklıklar Ardında poszter
Parmaklıklar Ardında sorozat TMDb
Sevgili Dünürüm poszter
Sevgili Dünürüm sorozat TMDb

Mesut szerepében:
Tolga Tekin 1974-03-19 Ankara, Türkiye

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Paramparça poszter
Paramparça sorozat TMDb
Kapalıçarşı poszter
Kapalıçarşı sorozat TMDb
Çıplak Gerçek poszter
Çıplak Gerçek sorozat TMDb
Aktris poszter
Aktris sorozat TMDb
Dünya Hali poszter
Dünya Hali sorozat TMDb
Reis poszter
Reis sorozat TMDb

Özlem szerepében:
Tuğçe Karabacak 1987-02-09 Isparta, Turkey

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Kurt Seyit ve Şura poszter
Kurt Seyit ve Şura sorozat TMDb
Aşk Laftan Anlamaz poszter
Aşk Laftan Anlamaz sorozat TMDb
Çıplak Gerçek poszter
Çıplak Gerçek sorozat TMDb
Koca Koca Yalanlar poszter
Koca Koca Yalanlar sorozat TMDb
Şehrin Melekleri poszter
Şehrin Melekleri sorozat TMDb
Kaç Kaçabilirsen poszter
Kaç Kaçabilirsen film TMDb

Leke szerepében:
Hasan Yalnızoğlu 1974-10-20 Istanbul, Turkey

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Karaoğlan poszter
Karaoğlan sorozat TMDb
Bir Zamanlar Osmanlı: Kıyam poszter
Bir Zamanlar Osmanlı: Kıyam sorozat TMDb
Kızılelma poszter
Kızılelma sorozat TMDb
Halka poszter
Halka sorozat TMDb
Fig Jam poszter
Fig Jam film TMDb
Keloglan Vs. The Dark Prince poszter
Keloglan Vs. The Dark Prince film TMDb

Imam szerepében:
Murat Kılıç

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İki Aile poszter
İki Aile sorozat TMDb
Terzi poszter
Terzi sorozat TMDb
Merhamet poszter
Merhamet sorozat TMDb
Baba Ocağı poszter
Baba Ocağı sorozat TMDb
Çıplak poszter
Çıplak sorozat TMDb
Terapist poszter
Terapist sorozat TMDb

Servet szerepében:
Kürşat Alnıaçık 1962-12-07 Ankara, Türkiye

Born in Ankara, Turkey on January 1, 1962, he is a famous Turkish film, television and theater actor. He graduated from the University of Amarar Sinan Theater Department. He was famous for the famous series Artemaral Resurrection and began his career in 1985. He began his career on stage during his studies, Graduated became a professional actor working with a theater group, first participated in the cinema in 1970 when he was 8 years old, where he participated in a film called Hope.

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Kara Sevda poszter
Kara Sevda sorozat TMDb
Deli Yürek poszter
Deli Yürek sorozat TMDb
Sıcak Saatler poszter
Sıcak Saatler sorozat TMDb
İsimsizler poszter
İsimsizler sorozat TMDb
Diriliş: Ertuğrul poszter
Diriliş: Ertuğrul sorozat TMDb
Kuzey Rüzgarı poszter
Kuzey Rüzgarı sorozat TMDb

Civan szerepében:
Özgür Emre Yıldırım 1983-10-26 İstanbul, Türkiye

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Hudutsuz Sevda poszter
Hudutsuz Sevda sorozat TMDb
Elde Var Hayat poszter
Elde Var Hayat sorozat TMDb
Dudullu Postası poszter
Dudullu Postası sorozat TMDb
Sıcak Kafa poszter
Sıcak Kafa sorozat TMDb
Alef poszter
Alef sorozat TMDb
Sarmaşık Zamanı poszter
Sarmaşık Zamanı sorozat TMDb

Turan szerepében:
Tuncay Beyazıt 1964-01-01 Agri, Turkey

Tuncay Beyazıt (born 1 January 1964, Istanbul) is a Turkish actor. Stepped into the theater with Kare As at the Haldun Dormen theater. Previously, he took the stage in theater plays with People's Houses and amateur groups. He worked at Türk Telekom Theater for 15 years. He took part in the theater plays Yaşar Ne Lives Ne Lives, Deli Dumrul, İl Postino, My Friend Has Become a Woman, Should Everyone Cheat?, They Must Be Crazy, Speech, I Close My Eyes, I Do My Duty, Dusty Boots. Some of the movies he starred in include Bully, Heartache, Butterfly, Anatolian Eagles, Sacrifice, Black Cat (GMO), while some of the TV series he starred in are Ruhsar, Ramadan is Beautiful, Lost Wanted, Back Streets, Istanbul is My Witness, Stepfather, Brother Share. There are series such as Burning Cocoon, Shoemaker and Neighbors. From Wikipedia (tr), the free encyclopedia

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Üvey Baba poszter
Üvey Baba sorozat TMDb
Kardeş Payı poszter
Kardeş Payı sorozat TMDb
Ramazan Güzeldir poszter
Ramazan Güzeldir sorozat TMDb
For Love and Honour poszter
For Love and Honour film TMDb
Tarık ve Diğerleri poszter
Tarık ve Diğerleri sorozat TMDb
Arif V 216 poszter
Arif V 216 film TMDb

Yakup szerepében:
Yiğit Kirazcı 1983-08-17 Istanbul, Turkey

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Kızılcık Şerbeti poszter
Kızılcık Şerbeti sorozat TMDb
Güllerin Savaşı poszter
Güllerin Savaşı sorozat TMDb
Seviyor Sevmiyor poszter
Seviyor Sevmiyor sorozat TMDb
Seni Kimler Aldı poszter
Seni Kimler Aldı sorozat TMDb
Çatı Katı Aşk poszter
Çatı Katı Aşk sorozat TMDb
Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey poszter
Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey sorozat TMDb