Yoon Sae-bom szerepében:

Han Hyo-joo Cheongju, North Chungcheong, South Korea - 1987-02-22

Han Hyo-Joo (한효주) was born on February 22, 1987 in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. Her mother worked as an elementary school teacher before becoming an inspector for public schools and her father worked in the military. As a child, Han Hyo-Joo was good in sports and enjoyed track & field. In her sophomore year of high school, Han Hyo-Ju moved to Seoul and attended Bulgok High School. Although her father, conservative & strict, opposed her move to Seoul she was able to go forth with her wishes. After high school, Han Hyo-Joo majored in theatre at Dongguk University. According to Han Hyo-Ju, her personality fits her blood type-A classification: calm, doesn't get angry easily, & able to endure without a lot of expression. In 2003, Han Hyo-Ju won the grand prize for the Miss Bing-geure contest, which attracted the attention from the entertainment world (Bing-geure is a Korean food company). In 2005, Han Hyo-Ju received her first acting roles in the MBC sitcom “Nonstop 5” and the movie “My Boss, My Teacher”. Her debut performances went largely unnoticed. In 2006 Han Hyo-Ju received her first leading role in the KBS2 drama “Spring Waltz”. Director Yun Seok-Ho of “Spring Waltz” stated that he first got the idea to cast Han Hyo-Joo after browsing the Internet and coming across her picture. Yun Seok-Ho felt she still held the purity of a child and a sense of mysteriousness which suited her character well. Han Hyo-Joo also stated that working on “Spring Waltz” was difficult, largely due to her inexperience in acting. Han Hyo-Joo's first leading performance in a feature film came with the 2006 independent film “Ad Lib Night,” helmed by well-regarded director Lee Yoon-Ki. Han Hyo-Joo's experience working on “Ad Lib Night” went far more smoothly than her first leading role in a drama series. Han Hyo-Joo recalled that the one month shoot seemed to zoom by and wished it could have lasted longer. Her performance was enthusiastically received by critics and Han Hyo-Joo received “Best Actress” awards from the 26th Korean Movie Critics Organization and the 20th Singapore International Film Festival. Han Hyo-Joo's commercial break-out role came with her performance in the popular 2009 SBS drama series “Brilliant Legacy,” alongside actor/singer Lee Seung-Ki. The drama series, mixing a healthy dose of Korean melodrama with a Charles Dickens' “Great Expectations” like storyline, captured the attention of Koreans throughout the summer of 2009. “Brilliant Legacy”regularly received ratings in excess of 40% and catapulted Han Hyo-Joo as one of the more popular young actresses in Korea. With her popularity, media reports and gossip magazines began to speculate on who Han Hyo-Joo was dating. In 2010, Han Hyo-Joo branched out of her comfort zone and took the lead role in the MBC historical drama series “Dong Yi”.

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해피니스 poszter
Yoon Sae-bom
Ha Yoon-joo
더블유 poszter
Oh Yeon-joo
Lee Yoon-hee
Treadstone poszter
SoYun Pak

Jung Yi-hyun szerepében:

Park Hyung-sik Yongin, Gyeonggi, South Korea - 1991-11-16

Park Hyung-sik is a South Korean singer, actor and dancer.

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힘쎈여자 도봉순 poszter
An Min-Hyuk
해피니스 poszter
Jung Yi-hyun
상속자들 poszter
Jo Myung-soo
화랑 poszter
Sam Maek-Jong
상류사회 poszter
Yoo Chang-soo

Han Tae-seok szerepében:

Jo Woo-jin Daegu, South Korea - 1979-01-16

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Chief Ahn
쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비 poszter
Secretary Kim
Messenger (uncredited)
해피니스 poszter
Han Tae-seok

Ji-soo szerepében:

Park Joo-hee South Korea - 1987-08-28

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해피니스 poszter
황금빛 내 인생 poszter
Lee Soo-ah
오늘의 탐정 poszter
Baek Da-Hye

Jo Ji-hee szerepében:

Lee Ji-ha - 1970-09-07

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해피니스 poszter
Jo Ji-hee
으라차차 와이키키 poszter
Ji-Soo's mother
Park Jung Sook

Oh Joo-hyung szerepében:

Bek Hyun-jin Seoul, South Korea - 1972-06-29

Baek Hyun Jin is a South Korean actor and composer.

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한 사람만 poszter
Ha Yong-Geun
해피니스 poszter
Oh Joo-hyung
내일 그대와 poszter
Kim Yong-Jin
Writer Park (uncredited)
Park Il-sung

Kook Hae-seong szerepében:

Park Hyung-Soo

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해피니스 poszter
Kook Hae-seong
gangster #3

Bo-ram szerepében:

Han Da-Sol

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해피니스 poszter

Na Hyun-kyung szerepében:

Park Hee-von Seoul - South Korea - 1983-05-11

Park Hee-von (박희본) is a South Korean actress.

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해피니스 poszter
Na Hyun-kyung
운명처럼 널 사랑해 poszter
Jeon Ji-yeon
아는 와이프 poszter
Cha Joo-Eun
주군의 태양 poszter
Tae Gong-ri
그냥 사랑하는 사이 poszter
Kim Wan-Jin

Woo Sang-hee szerepében:

Moon Ye-won - 1991-09-10

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해피니스 poszter
Woo Sang-hee
어느 날 poszter
Kang Da-kyung
하이에나 poszter
리갈하이 poszter

Go Se-gyu szerepében:

Kim Young-woong

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빈센조 poszter
Park Seok-do
해피니스 poszter
Go Se-gyu
Mr. Hwang (uncredited)
검법남녀 poszter
Yang Soo-Dong
러블리 호러블리 poszter
Detective Lee

Na Soo-min szerepében:

Na Chul - 1986-12-24

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Club man (uncredited)
해피니스 poszter
Na Soo-min
Investigator (uncredited)

Sun Woo-chang szerepében:

Cha Soon-bae - 1972-10-23

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Judge (uncredited)
Mr. Hwang
해피니스 poszter
Sun Woo-chang
Taxi Driver Cha
general affairs Monk

Andrew szerepében:

Lee Ju-seung Seoul - South Korea - 1989-07-20

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해피니스 poszter
피노키오 poszter
Ahn Chan-soo
프로듀사 poszter
아이언맨 poszter
Joo Hong-joo
너를 사랑한 시간 poszter
Jang Doo-ri

Kim Se-hyun szerepében:

Han Joon-woo South Korea - 1984-03-28

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해피니스 poszter
Kim Se-hyun
멜로가 체질 poszter

Tae Seok's Wife szerepében:

Yoo Ji-yeon Seoul, South Korea - 1979-09-18

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Ahn Hye-gyeong
해피니스 poszter
Tae Seok's Wife
Hee-jung (uncredited)
루갈 poszter
Jang Mi Joo [Argos's Member]
Joon-Ki's sister-in-law (uncredited)

Oh Yeon-ok szerepében:

Bae Hae-sun South Korea - 1974-05-08

Bae Hae Sun is a South Korean actress. She made her debut as an actress in 2002. Since her debut, she has appeared in several films and television dramas including, “Judge vs. Judge” (2017), “A Pledge to God” (2018), and “On Your Wedding Day” (2018).

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사이코지만 괜찮아 poszter
Kang Eun-ja
Seung-Hee's mother
호텔 델루나 poszter
Choi Seo-Hee

Kim Dong-hyun szerepében:

Kang Han-saem

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해피니스 poszter
Kim Dong-hyun