The Stalker 12. évadhoz


Revealed: Lethal Waters - Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania 12. évadhoz


Revealed: Torn Apart - Struthers, Ohio 12. évadhoz


Revealed: Surrounded - Cedar Park, Texas 10. évadhoz


In Cedar Park, Texas, Amy and Steve investigate bizarre paranormal sightings at a historic homestead; while Steve uncovers the town's violent past, Amy encounters several unsettled spirits; enhanced.

Revealed: Dead End - Neosho, MO 10. évadhoz


Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity in a police officer's home in Neosho, Mo.; as Steve uncovers evidence of a brutal homicide, Amy faces her own fears when encountering a powerful shadow person; enhanced.

Revealed: Satan's Revenge - Leslie, MI 10. évadhoz


Steve and Amy travel to Leslie, Mich., to investigate reports of extreme paranormal activity at a family's home; during her walk, Amy encounters a shadow creature that mentally torments the home's occupants to the brink of insanity; enhanced.

Revealed: The Devil Made Me Do It - Asbury Park, NJ 10. évadhoz


In Asbury Park, N.J., Amy and Steve discover gruesome secrets at a reportedly haunted restaurant; while Steve's journey brings him face to face with an imprisoned murderer, Amy's journey puts her in the path of a powerful, dark force; enhanced.

Revealed: From Beyond - Macon, Georgia 10. évadhoz


Steve and Amy investigate claims of paranormal activity at a Georgia home built on a blood-soaked Civil War battleground; as Steve dives into the property's dark past, Amy encounters a group of beings who may not be from this planet; enhanced.

Revealed Hell in the Heartland - Kearney, Missouri 10. évadhoz


Steve and Amy investigate violent paranormal activity at a family home in Kearney, Mo.; during their separate investigations, Steve tracks down the history of a ruthless Civil War-era gang leader, while Amy encounters several deceased individuals.

Deadly Gift 6. évadhoz


Steve and Amy investigate reports of paranormal activity at a frightened couple's property in Kansas. Their client is terrified that something on his property is trying to harm his family business.

The Dead Files - Deadly Gift extra

The Aftermath 6. évadhoz


Steve and Amy step in to investigate disturbing paranormal activity at a frightened family's home in hurricane-ravaged Florida City, FL.

The Dead Files - The Aftermath extra

Satan's Revenge 6. évadhoz


Steve and Amy travel to Leslie, MI, to investigate reports of extreme paranormal activity at a desperate family's home. Steve researches the history of the property, while Amy confronts several powerful entities, including a dead man with hopes of inflicting gruesome physical injuries.

The Dead Files - Satan's Revenge extra

A Widow's Rage 6. évadhoz


Amy and Steve investigate reports of dangerous paranormal encounters at an old Southern plantation home in the town of Uriah, Alabama.

The Dead Files - A Widow's Rage extra