Jake, an accountant, and his dream wife, Claire, a restaurant and bar designer, are very comfortably settled into their marriage, enjoying evenings together on the couch watching TV and scheduling time to change their outgoing voicemail message. Their tame routine gets a makeover when Jake's client, exuberant music superstar Cooper James, arrives on their doorstep looking for refuge from the paparazzi following a high-profile break-up with his girlfriend. Jake and Claire quickly discover there's no way they can keep up with their world-famous houseguest's effortlessly cool, fast-paced lifestyle. Cooper, however, enjoys Jake and Claire's more relaxed way of life, discovering that a touch of ordinary can be extraordinary for all three of them.

Forgatás alatt 2018.10 - ? | 30 perc @CBS, US

Damon Wayans, Jr. (Jake), Stephnie Weir (Bonnie), Chris Parnell (Wayne), Victor Williams (Gerald), Amber Stevens West (Claire), És a többiek Felix Mallard (Cooper James),


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10. 02.
Happy Together

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Jake and Claire is a happily married couple, who begin to reconnect with their younger, cooler selves when a young pop star drawn to their super-ordinary suburban life unexpectedly moves in with them

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